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Chapter 541: Grand Gathering

It was too tragic!

In the ruins, the lives of Golden Cores were akin to grass.

In less than 15 minutes, that orderly Golden Core army of the Great You Dynasty was trampled by the dozens of chariots from the Taba clan and more than half were injured or dead!

Corpses were strewn everywhere and tragic cries howled.

The Great You army had broken apart completely and the remaining cultivators fled far away without turning back.

The Golden Core genius of the Great You Dynasty, Gu Luonan, was defeated by Taba Feng within three blows.

Slicing Gu Luonans head off with his halberd, Taba Feng held the head in his hand.

With a torrential aura, he stomped on Gu Luonans corpse and smacked his lips, sneering, “What dogsh*t genius is this There are no lack of geniuses in this generation!”

Mu Dongqing and Bai Yuhan were horrified when they witnessed the scene and shivered uncontrollably.

The two of them witnessed Gu Luonan releasing his Golden Core phenomenon to try and flee.

However, it was destroyed with a single slash of Taba Fengs halberd and his head was severed!

Without even using his Golden Core phenomenon, Taba Feng killed Gu Luonan while destroying the Great You army.

He tossed the bloodied head of Gu Luonan casually on the ground and scoffed coldly.

“Youre not even fit to ride on my chariot with your strength!”

Narrowing his gaze, Mu Dongqing could vaguely see dozens of heads scattered on Taba Fengs chariots.

Most of them were dried and only a few were stained with fresh blood.

“I heard that Taba Feng loves to murder geniuses.

Each time he murders a genius, he would sever the latters head and place it on his chariot.”

“Ive heard that he claimed brazenly he was going to slaughter all paragons of Tianhuang Mainland and fill his chariot.”

A hushed whisper sounded from the grass nearby.

Mu Dongqing and Bai Yuhan exchanged glances – both of them could see the shock in the others eyes.

There were dozens of chariots from the Taba clan arriving for this expedition.

At the most, they had less than a hundred people.

However, they were able to destroy an army with more than a thousand Golden Cores.

The strength of the Taba clan was clear.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Not far away, another group of ancient chariots charged over with war flags raised, etched with the word Yuwen.

Another of the gentry clans, the Yuwen clan, had arrived!


The leader of the Yuwen clan was scrawnier like a bamboo pole and sneered, “Taba, those are merely ants with mediocre strength.

Whats there to flaunt about”

“Yuwen Wujia!”

Taba Feng turned the chariot and whipped his rope with a raring battle intent in his eyes, hollering, “Youve come at the right time! Killing those ants wasnt enjoyable at all! Ive still kept a spot on my chariot for your head!”

Without a second word, Taba Feng led his chariot and charged towards Yuwen Wujia.

“Do you think Ill be afraid of you”

Yuwen Wujia was clearly unafraid and retrieved a golden three-pronged spear from his storage bag.

It looked extremely heavy and unbefitting with his scrawny size.


The two of them soared into the air at the same time and bellowed.

The halberd and golden three-pronged spear collided fiercely, releasing a shuddering shockwave in midair.

A burst of light shot forth, blazing like the sun with a blinding radiance!

There were more cultivators gathering in the vicinity and alarmed yells could be heard from the crowd.

Mu Dongqing was a body tempered cultivator with immense strength.

He wielded a gigantic hammer and was unstoppable.

However, compared to the two paragons before him, Mu Dongqing felt that he was way too weak!

“This is a true paragon,”

Mu Dongqing could not help but shake his head and lament, “Either of them could kill me in less than three moves!”

Deafening sounds could be heard as the paragons of the two gentry clans, Taba Feng and Yuwen Wujia, fought in midair and it was hard to determine the victor.

The voids would quake with every single clash!

As the attacks continued, Taba Feng got increasingly serious and the ferocity in his eyes shimmered.

Circulating his Golden Core furiously, a terrifying aura spread out from around him!

It was a Golden Core phenomenon!

Yuwen Wujias pupils constricted rapidly and he withdrew right away, hollering, “Taba Feng, youre insane! How dare you try and use a Golden Core phenomenon!”

Golden Core phenomenons were the strongest means available to Golden Cores and they wouldnt be able to reuse it within a short period of time upon release.

In other words, if someone activated their Golden Core phenomenon during an intense battle, it meant that they were determined to go for the kill!

While Yuwen Wujia was displeased with Tada Feng, he retained his sanity.

The Vermilion Fruit had not ripened yet.

If the both of them were to reveal all their trump cards and release their Golden Core phenomenons here, it would only result in an internecine outcome and allow outsiders to gain the advantage.

Taba Fengs Golden Core phenomenon had not formed fully and in reality, he was hesitant internally as well.

But when he sensed the gazes from the surroundings, Taba Feng was pumped and declared coldly, “F*ck that! Ill kill you today!”

“The both of you, cut it out!”

Suddenly, a cold and charming voice sounded.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

A series of ancient chariots arrived with a formidable aura, causing the clouds to disperse and the firmaments to quake!

These ancient chariots were only available for the gentry aristocratic families.

It was the arrival of yet another major cultivation clan!

The war flag on the chariots displayed a striking word – Murong.

A woman stood on the chariot at the front, wearing blue palace robes with a tall, slim and voluptuous figure.

Although she did not have makeup on, she possessed flawless fairy-like features with an arrogance that was unique to the gentry clans.

The person who spoke earlier on was this woman.

When he saw the woman, Yuwen Wujia yelled hurriedly, “Murong Wushuang, youve come at the right time! Help me control this madman!”

“Hmph, none of you shall control my actions today!”

Although that was what Taba Feng said, it was clear that his tone had softened.

“Our four gentry clans are related through history.

We can spar, but theres no need to get into a life-and-death bout,”

Murong Wushuang commented indifferently, “Besides, the Vermilion Fruit isnt ripe yet.

Whats the point of you guys fighting To let outsiders laugh at us”

Sweeping his gaze towards the cultivators watching from the surroundings, Tada Feng hollered with a cold killing intent in his eyes, “Who would dare to laugh at me All of you, scram further!”

The many cultivators were shocked and retreated hurriedly.

Mu Dongqing and Bai Yuhan seized the chaotic moment to escape outside as well.

The ruins were way too scary.

This battle was merely a scene that was replicating similar battles in other parts of the Great Qian Ruins!

Before they even caught sight of the Vermilion Fruit, people were fighting till rivers of blood were formed!

Once the Vermilion Fruit truly appeared, what sort of a blood storm would that be

The group retreated, leaving a single person walking forward silently in a striking manner.

Instantly, everyones gazes focused on that person.

That person wore black robes and had black hair.

Expressionless and stiff, there were no emotions in his eyes as he walked towards the depths of the Great Qian Ruins holding a long sword in his pale left hand.

“Who is that How dare he ignore the threat of Taba Feng”

“I think his brains must be dead.

Its easy to tell that hes an idiot with a paralyzed face.”

“He truly doesnt know whats good for him.

How dare he challenge the three gentry clans alone!”

Many cultivators nearby discussed in hushed voices with mocking expressions.

The person did not move quickly.

To be precise, compared to the speed of cultivators, he was extremely slow.

The black-robed sword cultivator walked slowly towards the depths of the ruins like a mortal, ignoring the many chariots of the three gentry clans in the air and the strong cultivators.

One step after another…

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