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Chapter 563: Defeat, Desperate Situation!

“Heavens, whats that!”

A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd.

The paragons of the North Region were shocked – none of them had witnessed such a situation up till this point of their cultivation!

That figure that was more than a hundred feet tall stood in the middle of the battlefield like a towering godly being, exuding its might in all directions with a torrential aura!

Against this godly being, Xi Wuya was like an insignificant ant.

If not for his ancient phenomenon, Xi Wuyas aura would have been overwhelmed by the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island completely!

“So, youre just a beast!”

Xi Wuya circulated his Golden Core with all his might and the power of his phenomenon surged – the Glass Divine Light glowed brilliantly!

Although that ancient phenomenon merely released a rainbow colored light and did not seem like it had any monumental aura, its might was extremely frightening!

Any cultivator that was touched by that rainbow light would have their flesh and blood crystallized, turning into ice-cold figures without any life.

A single touch could cause them to shatter into pieces!

Most spirit weapons would shatter on the spot if they were engulfed by the rainbow colored light.

Even supreme-grade spirit weapons would not be able to escape that fate!

The fact that it was called a divine light was proof of the might of this ancient phenomenon!

Its godly authority could purge all ghosts and deities!

Normally speaking, even pure-blooded ferocious beasts wouldnt be able to withstand the killing power of Glass Divine Light!

However, Su Zimo cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

That was the foundation left for him by Die Yue to establish ground in the cultivation world as well as his stepping stone to enter the cultivation world!

That Supreme Demon Classic was the exact reason why Su Zimo was able to overwhelm so many paragons and fend off the Sealers beneath the Human Emperors Palace before eventually entering it.

Although he had only just formed his Inner Core, the terrifying aspect of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness had already been revealed.

The seven ancient demon kings surrounded him and he was shrouded by a scarlet demonic qi that was extremely thick.

Demonic qi made contact and clashed repeatedly against the Glass Divine Light.

Buzz! Buzz!

A jarring sound echoed from the center of the battlefield.

Two entirely different powers were corroding one another mutually without relenting!

A terrifying shockwave started spreading through the void.

Taba Feng, Murong Wushuang and everyone else were shocked, retreating hurriedly.

Some of the cultivators who could not dodge in time and were implicated by the energy shockwave produced by the clash of the two powers exploded and died on the spot!

The center of the battlefield had turned into a forbidden area because of the fight between two monster incarnates!


The seven ancient demon kings roared deafeningly at the same time.

Some of the cultivators who were closer were stunned by the noise, fainting on the spot.

Demonic qi rumbled with a torrential ferocity as the seven ancient demon kings opened their gigantic mouths.

Their teeth were filled with sticky saliva and they bit towards Xi Wuya!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

A rainbow light shot forth.

Xi Wuya had a glass-like body that was flawless and transparent.

Surrounded by the rainbow light, he was like a blazing sun!

One after another, rainbow lights streaked forward like swords with extremely sharp edges.

Countless swords tore through the thick demonic qi and cut the seven ancient demon kings, wounding them all over!

The demonic qi shrouding around Su Zimo had thinned considerably.

In the end, Xi Wuya had still gained the upper hand in this fight between two monster incarnates!

No matter what, he was at perfected Golden Core realm.

However, Su Zimo was only at early-stage Inner Core.

As the number one Perfected Being of the North Region, Xi Wuya noticed the minute change in the tides and would naturally not let such an opportunity slip.


He hollered and his aura grew fiercer.

The Glass Divine Light in his hands converged gradually before forming a sparkling saber!



Accompanied by Xi Wuyas roar, the glass saber tore through the demonic qi surging around Su Zimo and sliced off the head of the Bovine Demon King!

With that, the demonic qi thinned by a portion.


Xi Wuya bellowed with an overwhelming aura.


The Stone Bear Demon Kings body was cut into two and dissipated.

Once again, the demonic qi thinned.

“Slay! Slay! Slay! Slay! Slay!”

Xi Wuya released five consecutive slashes and the remaining five ancient demon kings were cut down by the glass saber in an extremely miserable manner with their limbs splaying.

In the blink of an eye, the seven ancient demon kings surrounding Su Zimo had been dispersed by the Glass Divine Light!

The demonic qi was now extremely thin!

With the loss of his demonic qis protection, no matter how unparalleled Su Zimos body was, he would definitely not be able to withstand the might of the Glass Divine Light.

The situation was extremely clear right now.

“Sigh, hes still slightly inferior at the end of the day,”

Mu Dongqing sighed.

“Indeed, its true that the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island does not stand much chance of victory against the number one Perfected Being of the North Region after fighting with so many paragons and depleting his spirit energy.”

“Furthermore, the two of them are a few levels apart in terms of cultivation realm.”

Bai Yuhan nodded.

“If hes at perfected Golden Core realm, it might be hard to determine the victor of this fight.”

“Double phenomenons! Not only that, those were lost primordial phenomenons! To think that he would die just like this.”

“Someone from Divine Phoenix Island who wants to come onto Tianhuang Mainland and fight for the Vermilion Fruit is bound to be targeted by everyone!”

“Thats right.

This man is a demon, its nothing even if he dies!”

Su Zimo had killed too many paragons of the North Region and have already sown deep feuds with the major sects and factions of the North Region.

Nobody was hoping for him to be victorious.


When he saw that the situation was set, Xi Wuya reared his head in laughter and declared loudly, “A beast is a beast at the end of the day.

Do you really think that youre my match just because you suppressed many paragons beneath the Human Emperors Palace”

Xi Wuya took a step forward and slashed with his saber.

Su Zimo grit his teeth tightly and his Inner Core circulated fanatically.

The remaining demonic qi shrouding him condensed into a shield.


The shield exploded!

Su Zimo let out a dull grunt.

The power of the phenomenon ate into him and that massive body of his exploded on the surface, creating a series of cuts that looked terrifying as fresh blood gushed out!

“You cant hold on anymore”

Xi Wuya had an excited expression and a cruel glint shone in his eyes as he lunged forward once more.

Su Zimo raised his right hand with the divine phoenix bone and punched forward to defend.


The sound of metal clashing echoed.

Although the Glass Divine Light was not shattered by the divine phoenix bone, the rainbow light spilled everywhere.

When Su Zimos bare arm was exposed to it, it turned into pieces of crystallized flesh!

The color on Su Zimos face drained as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

While the divine phoenix bone was unyielding, it was not omnipotent.

He could not control the divine phoenix bone.

He could not release its true strength as well.


Xi Wuya hollered once more domineeringly.

The glass saber descended from the skies, looking as though it was about to cut through the void and sever all life before it!

“Am I going to be defeated just like this”

Against the suppression of that formidable power, Su Zimos features looked somewhat contorted as he howled from the depths of his heart, “Im not willing!”

On the surface, this was a clash between two paragons.

However, in reality, this was more like a face-off between immortals and demons!

It was more like a fight between the legacy of Die Yue and the ancient super sects!

There were some things that Die Yue would definitely not say to Su Zimo given her personality.

However, she had already expressed her intentions through her actions.

Since fate did not allow you to attain immortality cultivation, Ill alter fate for you!

Since Iridescent Clouds Palace doesnt want you, Ill impart to you my skills and allow you to be stronger than all the successors of the super sects in this world!

This was Die Yues pride.

It was now also Su Zimos pride.

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