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Chapter 582: Haunt

A sinister wind gusted without any warning!

Ten feet away, phantoms appeared one after another, producing menacing faces that faded away as rapidly as they appeared!

Su Zimo felt his heart skip a beat as he suddenly recalled something.

The otherworldly soldiers formed in the Great Qian Ruins were merely troops of the Imperial Army buried in the past.

Yet, what sort of people were buried in the Dragon Burial Valley

These were people whose bodies have not decayed after 10,000 years!

These were people whose splattered blood on the walls possessed immense mights!

Those otherworldly soldiers formed by the Imperial Army were enough to fight against Golden Cores.

If so, how terrifying would the haunting vengeful spirits of the fallen experts here be

“Hurry, lets go!”

Su Zimo shouted softly and hugged the little fox, turning back the way he came from.

Thankfully, they were not far from the old temple.

He could return to it within tens of breaths with a full burst of his body.

There was a bend up ahead.

Although Su Zimo had been distracted along the way, he could vaguely recall that this was the only bend he had turned.

In other words, he would be able to see the old temple once he turned around this bend.

However, after heading over, Su Zimo stopped in his tracks instinctively.

There wasnt any old temple before him!

Instead, there were corpses that were mounted like a mountain!

Not far away, a gooey river of blood flowed, blocking the path forward with a nauseating stench of blood.

Frightening faces floated on the surface of the river with sinister smiles.

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes and focused his gaze.

The sight before him did not vanish still!

On the contrary, those corpses came alive one after another.

They struggled and stood up with rotting flesh hanging from their bodies.

Slowly, swaying, they staggered towards Su Zimo with a disgusting stench!

Pairs of arms protruded one after another from the river of blood up ahead as well!

Many people drenched in blood crawled up the shores and grinned brightly with bloodshot eyes!

Su Zimo felt chills run down his spine and cold sweat poured down his forehead.

The little fox was even more rattled and burrowed herself into Su Zimos embrace, chattering.

She covered her eyes with her tiny paws and did not dare to stick her head out.

There were only two possibilities to what was before them.

First, it meant that the Sutra Chamber and little monk that he had seen earlier were all illusions and that there wasnt any old temple at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley at all!

Second, he had not left where he was initially.

By right, he would have seen the unknown old temple once he turned around the bend.

But now, Su Zimo had been sprinting the entire way and hadnt rested at all.

He clearly felt that he had turned the bend and yet, instead of any trace of the old temple, he was met with this mountain of corpses and river of blood that had a torrential malevolent aura!

Both possibilities did not seem optimistic for him.

The first possibility meant that there was an extremely terrifying existence here that could bewitch his five senses and conjure illusions before him!

The Sutra Chamber, the old temple and the little monk were all fake!

The Dragon Burial Valley was formed 10,000 years ago, how could there be an old temple at the bottom of it

The only thing that Su Zimo believed in were the eyes of the little monk that were clear as water.

Those eyes could not be fake at all!

The second possibility was that Su Zimo encountered what was known in the mortal realm as a ghost wall.

He felt that he had been sprinting forward endlessly without any rest at all.

In reality, he had not left the place at all.

There were malevolent ghosts that blinded his five senses with the use of supreme Dharmic powers, causing him to run in circles after losing his sense of direction.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo felt that something breathed down the back of his neck!


Instantly, his hair stood on end!

Without even thinking, his eyes shone fiercely as he slapped in reverse!


His fist flew through the air with a crisp sound.

There was nobody behind him.

Su Zimo took a deep breath of air.

Just as he was about to turn around, he discovered that there was a woman with disheveled hair standing not far away, wearing a white blouse with bloodstains on it.

The womans back was facing him and her face could not be seen as she stood there motionlessly.

Any existence at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley was definitely way more terrifying than those in the Great Qian Ruins!

The otherworldly soldiers in the ruins were incorporeal.

Su Zimo did not know how frightening this woman was in her past life or how much vengeance she held, but her malevolent qi had materialized into actual flesh!

Even if Su Zimo was at his peak condition, it would be hard for him to escape death if he encountered these existences, let alone the fact that his cultivation was crippled now!

He did not dare to act recklessly and glared at the white-bloused woman with a tense expression.

All of a sudden!

The white-bloused woman moved.

Everything beneath her head did not move at all.

However, her head twisted to the back sinisterly and faced Su Zimo directly!

Her mouth, nose and ears were filled with blood and she had no eyeballs, merely a pair of bloody, empty sockets.

The woman smiled creepily and her grisly red long tongue extended like a serpent!

The little fox had just poked its head out to look through the gaps in her paws when she caught sight of that.


She exclaimed and fainted from the shock.

It wasnt surprising – even Su Zimo who had tons of experience of the world felt chills run down his spine and his limbs turn wobbly!

The white-bloused woman moved and with a sinister gust of wind, lunged forward.

Su Zimo extended his right hand hurriedly to defend.

There was no way he could threaten the white-bloused woman with his power.

The divine phoenix bone might be the only thing that could work!


Suddenly, the white-bloused woman stopped in her tracks and looked down somewhat warily at Su Zimos right hand with her empty, bloody sockets.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk!”

She snickered sinisterly and in a flash, vanished right before Su Zimos eyes!

Su Zimo was alarmed and checked his surroundings hurriedly.

There were no traces of the white-bloused woman around him at all, as though everything that happened earlier on was his hallucination!

Su Zimo knew that the difference between them was way too great!

Although that white-bloused woman was created from malevolent qi, her strength was most likely not weaker than Void Reversions with boundless Dharmic powers.

In fact, she might even be comparable to Dharma Characteristics!

Up ahead, the bloody corpses with rotten flesh crawled out from the blood river one after another and closed in rapidly.

A bloodied figure suddenly lunged over with a menacing face, opening its mouth to try and bite Su Zimos neck!

Su Zimo twisted his right hand and used it like a dagger, thrusting it into the bloodied figure!


A blaze surged!

Without making a single sound, the bloodied figure was engulfed in a set of bright flames!

The other corpses and bloodied figures hurriedly stopped in their tracks.

They were malevolent entities and the things they feared most were lightning and flames.

Naturally, they could sense the terrifying power that was hidden in the divine phoenix bone!

Even so, the corpses and bloodied figures refused to leave, merely standing not far away to watch Su Zimo with stoned gazes and stick saliva dripping slowly from their mouths.

At that moment, a white figure appeared silently behind Su Zimo and gradually materialized.

It was the white-bloused woman who had gone missing earlier on!

The white-bloused woman licked her lips and a scarlet glint appeared in her hollow sockets.

She extended her skeleton palm that shone coldly on its fingertips slowly towards the top of Su Zimos head…

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