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Chapter 606: Illumination Eye

Su Zimo pointed at the jade-white stone on the ground and asked, “What does that stone has to do with the Illumination and Nether Glow that you mentioned”

After pondering for a moment, Su Zimo said again, “I once obtained a secret skill from that stone, the Illumination Sword Formation.”

“Theres no mistake,”

The red-headed ghost nodded.

“This should be the legendary Illumination Stone.”

“Illumination Stone” Su Zimo frowned.

The red-headed ghost replied, “Theres different sayings as to where the Illumination Stone came from and how it was formed.

Some people theorize that it was formed from the Extreme Yang energy of a world while others think that its a speck of dust from Illumination.”

“However, its undeniable that the Illumination Stone is related to the Illumination Stone.

The Illumination Sword Formation that you comprehended should be a secret skill that someone comprehended using the Illumination Stone.”

Su Zimo went deep into thought.

Indeed, when he released the Illumination Sword Formation, it was like a blazing sun and the sword qis resembled the rays of the sun as well.

The red-headed ghost continued, “The secret skill that Im about to impart you is related to the Illumination Stone as well.

In the past, the person who created this secret skill also comprehended it through the Illumination Stone… this visual technique!”

Visual technique!

Su Zimos eyes lit up.

Visual techniques were also secret techniques used to cultivate ones eyes.

It did not matter if they were immortals, Buddhas or fiends nor did it matter if they were humans or demons… Dharmic formulations to cultivate ones eyes were the rarest types of legacies!

That was because for every race, their eyes were the weakest parts of their bodies!

For tempering of flesh and blood or refinement of tendons and bones, if any issues cropped up during cultivation, be it whether they were severely injured or their bones and tendons were snapped, everything could be recuperated to a complete recovery as long as it was adjusted in time.

However, a mistake in the cultivation of ones eyes would lead to a huge problem – blindness!

The eyes were simply way too fragile.

For mortals, a single breeze was enough to cause them to close their eyes instinctively.

Their eyes would feel discomfort even with a grain of sand inside, let alone endure cultivation.

The reason why visual techniques were so rare and precious were because few people would dare to risk their eyes to try and create a secret skill.

If any mishaps happened, they would go blind before their secret skills were even created.

Although the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness was powerful, there was no legacy of a Dharmic formulation for eye cultivation.

The visual techniques spread in the cultivation world had varying strengths and their directions were different as well.

The more famous ones were those such as the Bewitching Eye, Enraged Diamond Gaze and Flaming Golden Eyes.

Cultivators versed in visual techniques were definitely stronger than anyone else of the same cultivation realm in terms of combat strength!

That was because visual techniques were instantaneous and were the most difficult to defend against.

Although it was a good thing to be able to cultivate a visual technique, there was no joy in Su Zimos eyes.

“Red-headed ghost, my Golden Core is already crippled and I cant store any spirit energy in my body.

How do I cultivate a visual technique” Su Zimo asked with a frown.

The red-headed ghost waved it off casually.

“Its fine, you dont need spirit energy to cultivate this visual technique.”

There was no need for spirit energy

Su Zimo froze for a moment.

At Nascent Soul realm, cultivators cultivated their Essence Spirits and could make use of Dharmic powers to cultivate.

However, before that, they had to make use of spirit energy for any spirit art and secret skill – that was where their foundation was.

How could there be a secret skill that did not require spirit energy to cultivate

Unless… it wasnt a secret skill for humans.

For his demonic cultivation, Su Zimo did not require spirit energy as a foundation.

Frowning, he asked, “What is required to cultivate if not spirit energy”

No matter the type of cultivation, energy would not appear out of thin air.

Demonic cultivation required the consumption of flesh.

Immortality cultivation required the absorption of spirit qi into ones body.

The visual technique would definitely have to make use of something to refine both eyes.

The red-headed ghost stared at the rising, heating sun not far away and said coolly, “Using that!”

Su Zimos heart skipped a beat and a look of shock spread across his face.

Cultivate his eyes by using the blazing sun

Ordinary cultivators are not able to stare at the blazing sun for prolonged periods of time.

Although Su Zimo could glare at the sun after clearing his seven orifices, it would still be akin to setting himself on fire if he wanted to make use of the energy of the blazing sun to cultivate his eyes!

“Initially, I did not intend on imparting this visual technique to you because the cultivation process is indeed extremely dangerous.

A single mistake would cause one of your eyes to go blind!”

The red-headed ghost picked up the Illumination Stone and handed it back to Su Zimo.

“However, I discovered this within you.”

“You have the Illumination Stone with you.

As such, the success rate of cultivating this visual technique will be extremely high and your efforts will be halved!”

When he heard that, Su Zimo gradually came to a realization.

The visual technique was comprehended by an expert of the past using the Illumination Stone.

Now that the Illumination Stone was in his possession, it would be much easier to cultivate the visual technique with a significant decrease in risk.

Su Zimo received the Illumination Stone.

Similar to before, the white cobblestone vanished in his hands once more.

Immediately after, he felt a sharp pain in his mind and his right eye turned milky white and sinister.

A moment later, it returned to normal.

“The blazing sun above us was formed from a trickle of energy from Illumination.

By making use of the blazing sun, you can nurture Extreme Yang energy in your eyes!”

The red-headed ghost said darkly, “Once released, that energy will be able to incinerate all living beings and destroy everything!”

In truth, Su Zimo could already imagine the might of the visual technique without the red-headed ghosts elaboration.

Normally, demons would have to advance to the Nascent Soul realm and cultivate their Essence Spirits before they could absorb the essence of the sun and moon for cultivation purposes.

But now, he had only just formed his Inner Core.

In other words, it meant that his Inner Core realm would already be tapping into a higher level of energy!

“When cultivated to its peak, this visual technique is… hehe!”

The red-headed ghost chuckled oddly.

“One of your eyes will turn into a sun!”


Su Zimo gasped.

There was a blazing sun hidden in his socket.

The moment his eye was opened, a blazing sun would appear!

Once released, that might be a power that even emperors wouldnt be able to withstand

Immediately after, Su Zimo remembered the doubt he had initially.

Since it did not require spirit qi and made use of the sun to cultivate, rather than a human cultivation technique, it seemed more like a Dharmic formulation of the fiend demons.

Suddenly, Su Zimo asked, “Red-headed ghost, this visual technique is not a secret skill of humans, right”

“What do you care for Are you going to cultivate it even if its a secret skill of the demons”

The red-headed ghost rolled his eyes and scoffed coldly.

“Hmph, youre about to cultivate into a true fiend demon yourself anyway, so what are you bothered about”

Su Zimo replied indifferently, “Although I conduct demonic cultivation, Im not a demon.”


The red-headed ghost sneered, “Your human Golden Core is already crippled and youve only got a demons Inner Core left in your body.

Who would believe you if you said that you were a human”

Su Zimo remained silent.

A moment later, he asked in a seemingly casual manner, “Whats the name of this visual technique”

Raising his brow, the red-headed ghost looked at Su Zimo in deep thought.

As though he read the latters intentions, he chuckled.

“Lets call it Illumination Eye!”

Wily fox!

Su Zimo cursed internally.

He had already sensed vaguely that the red-headed ghost had a strange identity.

In reality, he was also trying to deduce something by asking about the name of the visual technique.

To think that the red-headed ghost did not let anything slip.

Illumination Eye was clearly a name he had just made up.

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