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Chapter 626: Color Change

Although the skinny old man was dead, Su Zimo was attacking in succession and did not manage to avoid the Dharmic power finger conjured by the former after all.


Su Zimo shuddered and his organs shook!

A stream of blood surged upwards and choked at his throat.

Since he wanted to kill Nascent Souls as a Golden Core, he had to undertake an immense risk!

Thankfully, Su Zimo had released the Daming Mantra in succession that reduced the impact of the skinny old mans Dharmic art.

Otherwise, he would have been severely injured with that attack!

Dharmic power was the energy of the universe and contained its might as well – it was not something that ordinary people could defend against!

Although Su Zimos organs were shaken now, he had a strong physique and frightening regeneration capabilities – this was an injury that he could still withstand.

At the same time.

The bald burly mans eyes shone viciously and his fist had already arrived!

In his opinion, Su Zimo would be killed by a single punch from him even if the latter was in peak condition, let alone now that he was injured!

After all, he was a Nascent Soul realm body tempered warrior!

Su Zimos eyes lit up and shone viciously.

His blood qi surged with the howls of dragons and roars of tigers, his tendons pulsated and his bones echoed with metallic sounds!

Without retreating or avoiding, Su Zimo returned a punch as well.


The two fists collided.

A jarring and dull sound echoed with the collision of flesh and bones!

The bald burly mans expression changed starkly.

He could sense an unstoppable power surging through the other partys fist towards him; it was like a tsunami that threatened to devour him!

“This is bad, this persons physique is really strong!”

The bald burly man was alarmed.

Although Su Zimo was not at Nascent Soul realm, his body was extremely frightening.

The power of his blood and melee combat capabilities had far surpassed ordinary Nascent Souls.

If a Nascent Soul from Glass Palace that was renowned for body tempering was here, the fight between him and Su Zimo might be indeterminate.

However, this bald burly man was only an ordinary body tempered warrior!

In other words, this bald burly man wouldnt even have the advantage against Xi Wuya who died in Su Zimos hands in melee combat, let alone Su Zimo himself!

If Su Zimo hadnt been struck by the skinny old mans Dharmic art previously, victory would have been decided by that single punch!

With that single exchange, the bald burly man had already sensed something amiss.

The bald burly man retreated with the momentum from Su Zimos punch, intending to increase their distance so that he could release a Dharmic art to kill the latter.

When Su Zimo noticed the bald burly mans actions, his gaze flashed and he frowned slightly.

Although he had killed two Nascent Souls in succession, the situation was extremely disadvantageous for him.

Furthermore, things would only get more dangerous the longer the situation dragged on!

The surrounding Nascent Souls were already starting to notice what was going on here.

He had to kill this bald burly man with a definitive might!

But now that the bald burly man had retreated with the momentum of their clash, Su Zimo was already a little too slow – it was too late for him to give chase by now.

Suddenly, Su Zimo was struck by inspiration and opened his mouth.


With the help of his powerful organs, tongue and mouth, Su Zimo spat the blood in his throat towards the bald burly mans face like an arrow!

The Daming Mantras impact on the bald burly man was minimal.

However, that blood arrow could not be ignored!

Su Zimo could shock Golden Cores to death with just the power of his voice.

It was obvious how strong the corporeal blood arrow would be!

The bald burly mans eyelids twitched rapidly.

Unable to dodge, he could only extend his arms to block instinctively.


A piercing pain surged through him when the blood arrow struck his palm!

Although it did not injure his core, the bald burly man was still shocked.

If he had ignored that blood arrow and took it head-on, his face would have been destroyed in a mess of flesh and blood!

The bald burly man felt uneasy.

However, before he could snap out of his stupor, he caught sight of a vague shadow from the corner of his eye.

The bald burly mans heart sank.

The next moment, he sensed an immense killing intent surging over, causing his scalp to prickle and his hairs to stand on end!

“That blood arrow was merely a bait!”

The bald burly man had goosebumps all over.

Like an ancient fiendcelestial, the figure had already arrived before him and pushed down on his head with a massive engulfing palm!


Su Zimos ferocity was torrential as he hollered with a lightning gaze.

The bald burly man did not have time to gather his Dharmic powers and could only cross and prop up his arms while channeling his bloodline to defend against Su Zimos encompassing palm!


Both parties collided.

The bald burly mans expression changed starkly and a piercing pain surged through his arms!

Immediately after, he lost all feeling in both arms!

The bald burly man merely felt a tsunami-like power crushing down boundlessly – it was invincible like the collapse of the heavens!

The might of a heavens collapse was not something that human strength could defend against!


The bald burly man knelt on the ground and his ankles were almost smashed!

By then, most of the surrounding cultivators had already noticed what was happening over here.

Everyone was shocked when they saw that.

A Nascent Soul was forced to kneel on the ground!

In everyones eyes, the bald burly man who was trembling beneath Su Zimos palm was like an insignificant ant struggling to survive.

However, Su Zimo stood firmly and his black hair danced.

His eyes were bright and lively, like an enraged diving being with a torrential might!

He had suppressed a Nascent Soul with a single palm strike as a Golden Core!

Who in history could achieve this

With a cold gaze, Su Zimo extended his foot and tapped the bald burly man gently on the chest.

The bald burly mans body was already enduring an unimaginable burden propping up Su Zimos palm.

His bones creaked as though they could collapse at any moment.

He could only watch as Su Zimos foot arrived without any way of dodging.


The bald burly mans chest caved in right away.

The bones in his chest shattered and the snapped bones pierced his heart, ending his life!

The bald burly mans blood qi deteriorated rapidly as blood gurgled in his agape mouth.

His eyes were listless and filled with the aura of death.

His glabella shone.

A glow appeared.

The bald burly mans Essence Spirit left his body and was trying to escape.


He chanted in Sanskrit.

The Daming Mantra descended once more.

The bald burly mans Essence Spirit shuddered and its glow dimmed.

The Essence Spirits of Nascent Souls were filled with impurities and extremely weak.

After leaving their physical bodies, the Essence Spirits couldnt even withstand the heat of the sun or the coldness of rain – at the very least, the Essence Spirits would already be severely injured, if not dead!

Essence Spirits were only free to leave at will without fear of the blazing suns and roam the world once one cultivates to the Void Reversion realm.

Although the bald burly mans body could withstand the might of the Daming Mantra, his Essence Spirit could not.

That single Sanskrit sound annihilated his Essence Spirit!

Su Zimo continued pushing down with his palm.


The bald burly mans body was squashed onto the deck of the spirit vessel, turning into a meat sludge with its tendons and bones crushed completely along with a destroyed Essence Spirit!

A clear blood-colored imprint appeared on the deck, etched deeply!

The spirit vessel was made of superior-grade metal and was even tougher than superior-grade spirit weapons.

But now, a mark was etched onto it by Su Zimos palm!


Su Zimo stood up, his palm still stained with the blood of the Nascent Soul as he let out a shuddering aura.

With a frightening gaze, he surveyed the surroundings before releasing a reverberating roar.

“Roar!” “Roar!” “Roar!”

Immediately after, the beasts howled in unison and all demons went wild!

Instantly, demonic qi filled the air and the color of the mountains and rivers changed!

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