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Chapter 643: Southern Duel Sect

Naturally, no outsider could understand the power struggle between the man and the lion.

Everyone could not imagine that the pure-blooded ferocious beast had been completely subdued in this short period of mounting it as well!

As Su Zimo approached slowly riding on the Golden Lion, a cultivator looked at the beautiful female cultivator at the side and whispered, “Senior Sister, should we head up and thank him”

The beautiful female cultivator had a lost gaze and was first frozen upon hearing that.

Immediately after, her beautiful eyes flashed with a hint of panic as she nodded with blushed cheeks.

“Of course.”

The way she looked at the green-robed cultivator was different.

Everyone was cultivators who had cultivated for dozens and hundreds of years.

Naturally, all of them could see it and understood internally as well.

The beautiful female cultivators name was Tang Shiyun.

She was famous in their sect and was the de facto number one beauty.

Coupled with her extraordinary talent and powerful strength, she was a shining crown jewel of her generation!

It would be a lie to claim that all the male cultivators of the same sect present were perfectly fine without any envy after noticing Tang Shiyuns intentions.

However, everyone was also clear after this battle.

The green-robed cultivator was indeed a rare paragon with a distinguished bearing.

He seemed scholarly but every single move of his had an overwhelming dominance that was admirable!

Tang Shiyun took a deep breath and approached Su Zimo, bowing with cupped fists before saying gently, “I am Tang Shiyun of Southern Duel Sect.

Thank you for your lifesaving grace, fellow Daoist!”

Su Zimo paused in his tracks and turned to look at Tang Shiyun indifferently.

Tang Shiyuns head was lowered slightly, revealing a slender and smooth neck.

Trickles of sweat sparkled down her neck with a charming allure.

It would be exaggerated to claim that she fell in love with Su Zimo at first sight.

However, at that moment, Tang Shiyuns heart was truly pounding in an unstoppable manner.

She felt as though everyone could hear her heart and did not dare to look at Su Zimo in the face.

In reality, she could not be blamed either.

If any other girl were to be rescued from the brink of death by someone who killed off all threats in his path and subdued all demons with such overbearing methods, they would also be flustered.

“Its nothing,”

Su Zimo replied indifferently before patting the Golden Lion.

The Golden Lion understood his intentions and ignored Tang Shiyuns group before continuing towards the exit of the valley.

Tang Shiyun lowered her head instinctively only to catch sight of a fading green-colored figure.

She could not help but feel a wave of disappointment.

Standing rooted on the spot, she bit her cherry lips and hesitated for a long time as she stared at that shrinking green figure.

Finally, she made a decision and chased in pursuit with light steps.

The survivors from Southern Duel Sect followed hurriedly as well.

“Fellow Daoist, please wait up!”

Tang Shiyun shouted.

The figure at the front paused.

Delighted, Tang Shiyun hastened even more.

Before long, she caught up to the figure, panting slightly.

“Is there anything”

Su Zimo turned around with a questioning look.

Earlier on, Tang Shiyun did not leave when he was fighting the ancient remnant beasts.

Her actions gave him a decent impression of this woman.

Otherwise, he would have left much earlier on without stopping.

Tang Shiyun tried her best to compose herself as she looked at Su Zimos refined features and smiled.

“I dont know your name and sect or faction.

After all, you are our benefactor.

I need to know where to find you if I ever want to repay the debt in the future.”

Su Zimo smiled lukewarmly.

“Its too much to call me a benefactor.

I merely passed by coincidentally and did it for the Spirit Gathering Fruit as well.”

Tang Shiyuns cheeks flushed, be it because she was rushing earlier on or some other reasons, and asked again, “You havent said your name, fellow Daoist”

“My name…”

Su Zimo hesitated for a moment.

“I am Su Zimo, Ive got no sect or faction.”

At the same time, he focused his gaze on Tang Shiyuns expression.

There were not many changes to her expression.

It was the reaction one would expect upon hearing the name of a stranger.

Su Zimo nodded silently.

It seemed like Southern Duel Sect should not be from the North Region.

There were few cultivators in the North Region who had not heard of the name Su Zimo.

“Fellow Daoist Su, where are you headed If its convenient, can we travel together” Tang Shiyun invited with sincerity.

Su Zimo raised his brow slightly – his first instinct was to decline.

When Tang Shiyun saw Su Zimo raising his brow, she knew that things would most likely not go her way as she added hurriedly, “Many living beings have awoken from their slumber and entered the ancient battlefield.

At the same time, there are also ferocious beasts from the eight demon regions.

This place is extremely treacherous and if we travel together, we can help one another.”

At that point, Tang Shiyun felt a little embarrassed.

After all, from Su Zimos display of strength earlier on, he truly did not require their help.

After pondering for a moment, Tang Shiyun continued, “Southern Duel Sect is one of the upper sects of the South Region.

Although we cant compare to you in terms of combat strength, we can still offer some help.

Furthermore, Senior Brother Zhu is alone outside, but he must be rushing over here upon receiving our spirit crane sent for help.”

“Thats right, we wont be defeated so badly if Senior Brother Zhu was here with us,” The cultivators at the side sighed.

“Senior Brother Zhu is strong and is a paragon listed on the previous Phenomenon Ranking.

If he was around, these beasts wouldnt have been able to get this cocky!”

Another Southern Duel Sect cultivator snarled and glared at the Golden Lion Su Zimo was mounted on with hateful eyes.

Initially, the Golden Lion was listless and dispirited.

However, upon sensing hostility, it turned around furiously and opened its mouth, roaring at the person with an aggressive stance primed to lunge!


The mountains and forests shook!

The Southern Duel Sect shuddered out of fear and wanted to retreat instinctively with a pale face.

However, his legs went limp and he fell onto the ground.


The Golden Lion reared its head in laughter with a mocking gaze.

Although it was subdued by Su Zimo, its might was still existent – it did not mean that it would allow anyone to trample on it.

After all, the Golden Lion was a pure-blooded ferocious beast and was innately feral, unable to be tamed.

Ashamed, the Southern Duel Sect cultivators expression turned even more vengeful!

This time round, Su Zimo did not lecture it.

Instead, he was gazing at the distant horizon in deep thoughts.

Suddenly, a robust swoosh sounded from the horizon!

An extremely powerful aura sped over rapidly and the sound of clothes fluttering cut through the air like a streak of lightning!

“Senior Brother Zhu!”

“Senior Brother Zhu is back!”

Everyone from Southern Duel Sect was excited and exclaimed.

Su Zimo had an indifferent expression and was not surprised.

He had already noticed activity from the area before the sound was heard.

Indeed, this cultivator with the surname Zhu definitely had some capabilities to be able to tread alone in the ancient battlefield.

Moreover, there were at least millions or more Golden Cores that entered this place!

However, there were only a total of 108 spots on the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking – anyone that could occupy a spot was definitely extraordinary.

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