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Chapter 666: Thousand Spider Sand Dune

It was extremely normal for demon beasts to be suppressed and captured between one another.

Although they could vaguely guess that the long-legged woman was begging them for help, Su Zimos group could not interfere directly.

That was no logic to speak of in the law of the jungle where it was survival of the fittest.

Furthermore, this was the ancient battlefield.

Although Su Zimo retracted his gaze, the long-legged woman did not give up and continued to yell with all her might.

However, she could only let out a muffled sound.

The colorful-robed man smiled.

“Stop kicking up a fuss.

These few demon beasts can barely save themselves, let alone you.

Just be obedient and I dont make things difficult for you.”


In the thousand odd group, a mans expression changed and he suddenly released the thread in his hands.

An ancient remnant beast roared and charged forward – it arrived before Su Zimo in the blink of an eye!

The ancient remnant beast had a menacing gaze and opened its bloody mouth, causing the nasty stench in its mouth to surge forward.

Su Zimos expression did not change at all and he only attacked when the demon beast was close to him!

He merely extended his palm simply without any special technique, slapping the ancient remnant beast fiercely on the cheek.


The massive body of the ancient remnant beast was sent flying and it was no longer breathing by the time it landed.

Although its head was intact, everything that was inside was already smashed into sludge!

It was clean and precise!

The colorful-robed man narrowed his gaze gently.

There were way too many cultivators in the ancient battlefield who could kill ancient remnant beasts.

However, few could do it as casually as this man!

“Do you have a death wish!”

Monkey was the first to lose its temper.

Its eyes were bloodshot as it circulated blood qi, causing demonic qi to spread.

In a single move, it transformed into its true form and stomped on the ground heavily with its massive feet.

There was a boom and the ground shook!

With a prideful expression and fierce gaze, monkey glared at the colorful-robed man on the war chariot – it would be the first to charge forward as long as Su Zimo ordered!

For monkey, it did not matter who its opponents were or the situation ahead.

It would fight the moment it was bothered!



The Golden Lion and spirit tiger roared at the same time as well with cracking sounds echoing from the depths of their bones.

Their bodies shuddered and they reverted to their true forms as well!

For demons, their peak combat strength could only be released in their true forms!

Su Zimo defended in front of the little fox with an icy stare and released his blood qi.

Tough and ferocious, it surged into the air like a blazing cauldron!

The long-legged woman was extremely excited at the sight of that.

However, the colorful-robed mans pupils constricted and his gaze turned evidently darker.

Although the monkey, tiger and lion had strong auras with rich demonic qi, none of them made him feel threatened.

However, he sensed a hint of danger from the green-robed man!

It was extremely dangerous!

The mans blood qi was way too rich!

The colorful-robed man had a feeling that if a fight broke out between both parties, although he could kill the five of them with the help of the beast stampede, he would definitely suffer immense losses as well.

With a dark expression, the colorful-robed man contemplated his options internally.

On the other end, Su Zimo did not make a move either.

After all, there was no deep hatred between them.

Furthermore, he could also sense that the colorful-robed mans background was far from simple.

Coupled with the presence of the beast stampede, it would be for the best if they could avoid this fight.

Of course, Su Zimo was naturally fearless!

At that moment, his thoughts were mostly focused on the long-legged woman beside the colorful-robed man.

For some reason, he felt that the long-legged womans gaze was familiar.

However, even upon careful recollection, he was certain that he had not seen this woman before!

“They seem to be the Poison Spider race from one of the eight demon regions, the Thousand Spider Sand Dune! Theres a high chance that the demon king of the beast stampede, the colorful-robed man, is from the royalty of the Rainbow Spider race and is a Rainbow Wolf Spider!”

With a grim expression, the Golden Lion whispered, “Everyone, be careful.

These spiders are extremely poisonous! Its said that even the web of a Rainbow Wolf Spider is laced with poison and it wont take long for one to melt into pus once they are trapped in it!”

Su Zimo nodded silently.

The intermediate ancient battlefield was truly a gathering place for paragons and demons.

Within the short span of a month, they had already encountered demon beasts of two demon regions!


The colorful-robed man suddenly laughed and said loudly, “Golden Lion race… all of you should be from the Wild Lion Ridge You are right, my true form is the Rainbow Wolf Spider and Im from the Thousand Spider Sand Dune!”

“Since youre a fellow Daoist from the Wild Lion Ridge, theres no need for us to fight.”

After contemplating, the colorful-robed man chose not to attack.

His aim was to fight for the resources and treasures in the ancient battlefield such as the Soul Nourishing Blood Ginseng – there was no need for him to fight to the death with these five people before him.

With the colorful-robed mans compromise, Su Zimo did not get aggressive either and merely nodded calmly.

Monkey shrugged with an indifferent attitude.

The spirit tiger and Golden Lion exchanged glances and both heaved sighs of relief.

The little fox calmed down as well.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The beast stampede rumbled and wrapped around Su Zimos group before advancing.


The long-legged woman on the war chariot screamed repeatedly with an anxious expression.

“How irritating!”

Extending a finger, the colorful-robed man tapped the woman on the forehead.

The woman shuddered and her face turned purplish.

She could no longer speak and merely looked at Su Zimo, monkey and the spirit tiger with widened eyes.

Those eyes were filled with absolute despair!

The distance between both parties increased as the war chariot left.

The woman closed her eyes and two streams of warm tears flowed silently from the corner of her eyes.

Dust billowed and gradually extended into the distance.

Frowning, Su Zimo turned towards the direction of the beast stampede with a pensive expression.

A long while later, he turned back and shook his head before continuing forward.

“That woman is rather pitiful,” The little fox said softly with pursed lips.

The spirit tiger sighed as well.

“For a moment, I had the urge to save her!”

“Actually, theres no need for that,”

The Golden Lion remarked, “If we have to rescue everyone we come across, there will be way too many people along the way we have to save.

Weve got to save rabbits from being eaten by snakes, goats from being eaten by wolves.

All lives in the world have to be saved, how can we save them all”

“That makes sense,”

The spirit tiger nodded.

After a while, it could not help but turn to monkey, asking, “Boss, what do you think”

Monkey stifled a chuckle.

“If I were you, Id just do what I want.

If I want to save somebody, Id do it! Its bloody irritating to be wishy washy, just do what you like!”

“While thats the case, I cant possibly implicate all of us because of a moment of recklessness,” The spirit tiger remarked with a bitter expression.

The Golden Lion closed in and whispered, “Brother Tiger, you fell for her, right”

“Get lost!”

The spirit tiger barked.


After a few more steps, the spirit tiger sighed once more.

“For some reason, it felt like I knew that woman.

Its really strange.”

Suddenly, monkey frowned and murmured.

“Now that you mention it, I seemed to have that feeling too.”

When he heard that, Su Zimo suddenly paused in his tracks and the spirit tiger nearly knocked into him in its distraction.

Turning around slowly, a cold glint flashed in Su Zimos eyes.

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