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Chapter 672: Bi Fang Bloodline

The battlefield had gone silent, leaving behind nothing but charred land.

The Soaring Serpent flew into the air spraying lava wildly and incinerating everything within five hundred kilometers.

The Rainbow Wolf Spiders were not the only ones suppressed by its aura as a divine being, but other demon beasts as well.

Most of the Rainbow Wolf Spiders were already burned to death.

The remaining demon beasts broke free of the Rainbow Wolf Spiders control and fled one after another.

The retreat of the beast stampede left nothing but a pile of carcasses and bones on the ground, some of them torn and still fuming with smoke.

Monkey, the spirit tiger and Golden Lion were filled with injuries all over and panted heavily.

“Thank you, monkey and spirit tiger.”

Little crane spoke in human tongue and rubbed against monkey and the spirit tigers cheeks with her long beak.

“Its nothing,”

Monkey grinned and waved it off, pointing to the spirit tiger at the side.

“This perverted tiger was the first to notice that something was off and mumbled the entire journey.

That was when we noticed what was amiss.”

The spirit tigers heart was pounding furiously in happiness when it felt the little cranes intimate act.

However, at the mention ofperverted tiger from monkey, the spirit tigers expression turned awkward and it coughed twice to divert little cranes expression.

Little crane was a little confused.

Monkey snickered.

Both the Golden Lion and little fox knew the reason for that and grinned secretly.

Patting itself on the chest, the spirit tiger said, “Although Ive never seen you in your human form before, I recognized you right away when I saw your huge, beautiful eyes!”

“Hmph, since when did you stare at her eyes You were looking at her long legs the entire time!” Monkey pouted and grumbled softly.

Glaring at monkey, the spirit tiger said hurriedly, “Dont listen to his nonsense, little crane!”

The spirit tiger looked deeply at the little crane to build up the mood, as though there was something it wanted to say.

After a long time, just when the little crane was starting to get creeped out, the spirit tiger yelled, “Ah!”

The Golden Lion and little fox were caught unaware and jolted in shock, looking at the spirit tiger in confusion, unsure what it was up to.

Monkey rolled its eyes.

The spirit tiger continued, “Ah, your eyes are so beautiful and pretty, like the stars and the moon and the sun and the… erm…”

The Golden Lion frowned.

The little fox went blank.

Monkey was dumbfounded, as though it was struck by lightning.

Was the spirit tiger making a poem!

Notwithstanding how lousy the poem was, it was stuck halfway while composing it!

Monkey reached out and wanted to send the spirit tiger flying with a slap.

However, it truly could not muster up strength after the massive battle earlier on.

Monkey could only sigh and turn away, hiding its face.

It truly did not wish to look at the spirit tiger and looked down on the latter from the depths of its heart.

With an embarrassed expression, the spirit tiger scratched its head and was struck by inspiration, yelling, “Like a huge gemstone deep in the ocean!”

The spirit tiger shrugged its head smugly and smiled to itself foolishly.

In its opinion, that final statement was the vital finishing touch to make everything perfect!

Little crane felt chills run down her spine and could not help but shudder.

“What do you think, little crane”

The spirit tiger closed in and licked its own face, asking.

Glaring at the spirit tiger, little crane asked coldly, “Are you in heat”


The little fox could not help but burst into laughter.

Monkey and the Golden Lion snickered wildly at the side, beaming as well.

The spirit tiger had not expected little crane to be so sharp and direct with her words.

Unable to take it at all, its face flushed red and it was thoroughly embarrassed, wanting nothing more than to find a hole to bury itself.

Right then, a person flew through the air from the distant skies.

He dragged a long rope tied to a spider with eight legs severed – it was the true form of the colorful-robed man!

Little cranes eyes were filled with endless hatred and her body shivered in rage.

“Are you guys alright”

Descending before everyone, Su Zimo took out bottles of elixirs from his storage bag.

No matter what was required, internal or external application, there was something.

Right now, he was in no lack of such items.

Monkey and the spirit tiger applied medicine silently while taking care of little crane.

Charging right in front of the colorful-robed man, little crane extended her feet and stomped on the mans body, questioning, “You said that you once saw a man that resembled me in the Thousand Spider Sand Dune! Was that for real”

The colorful-robed man was severely injured to begin with.

Now that little crane stomped on him, his internal organs were shocked as he coughed out a mouthful of blood and panted.

“Of course its real!”

Little crane asked hurriedly with an agitated expression, “Where is he”

“That Bi Fang was your father”

Now that he knew he was dead for the sure, the colorful-robed man mocked gloatingly.

“Unfortunately, youll never see him ever again.

He died a long time ago! Hahaha!”

Little cranes body shuddered and her face turned frightfully pale.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

Bi Fangs were ferocious birds of the primordial era and were extremely fierce.

With the ability to manipulate fire, they were one of the fiercest species of ferocious birds.

However, the phoenix race was way too terrifying and reigned supreme over the ferocious birds while manipulating fire at the same time – as such, the Bi Fang was not as well known.

However, in reality, the true strength of a Bi Fang was comparable to the divine being of the flames, Soaring Serpent!

Early on, Su Zimo had already noticed that little crane looked different from ordinary immortal cranes.

Ordinary immortal cranes had vermilion crowns and snow-white bodies.

However, little cranes body also had jade-green feathers that were extremely beautiful.

Everything would make sense if she had the bloodline of Bi Fangs running in her.

After all, Bi Fangs were jade-green in color!

Su Zimo lamented internally, “No wonder Ive never seen little cranes father or heard the old immortal crane mention it.

So, he died a long time ago.”

“I dont believe you!”

Little crane shook her head repeatedly and glared at the colorful-robed man, saying with a quivering voice, “Y-You are lying, am I right”


The colorful-robed man laughed bitterly.

“Your father had a death wish barging into the Thousand Spider Sand Dune thinking that he was strong! The Rainbow Wolf Spider sucked his blood dry a long time ago! We ate his flesh and drank his blood to cultivate, hahaha!”

Little crane had a weakened blood qi to begin with.

Upon receiving this blow, her vision darkened and her head spun.

“Sister Little Crane!”

Little fox rushed up to support little crane.


Suddenly, a slap landed on the back of the colorful-robed mans head, splitting it into pieces as brain juice flowed on the ground.

Shrugging his palm, the spirit tiger grumbled, “Annoying! How dare you continue laughing when your laughter sounds so disgusting Ive had it with you!”

Su Zimo heaved out a sigh of relief.

He could tell that the spirit tiger did that because it did not want little crane to get agitated further.

In truth, he was about to attack even if the spirit tiger did not do it!

It was clear that the colorful-robed man meant to trigger little crane as much as it could, seeing that it wasnt going to survive!

Su Zimo patted little crane gently on the shoulder and consoled her, “Dont think too much.

This spider was clearly spouting nonsense upon knowing that it was about to die.

Things might not be as youre imagining it to be.”

Little crane nodded, but the sorrow and misery in her eyes could not be concealed.

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