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Chapter 675: Seven Brothers

As monkey mentioned, Su Zimo would not be able to explain things for the rest of his life if he became sworn brothers with them.

However, Su Zimo did not care!

The reason why he cultivated was so that he could do as he wished – how could he be restricted by the confines of moral guidelines or the different ideals of immortals and fiends

If he wanted to establish a Dao, he must possess the boldness to break free of all restraints and rules!

The spirit tiger said, “We should add someone else although hes not here with us right now.”

Little crane asked, “Little Night Spirit, right”

The spirit tiger nodded hurriedly and wagged its tail, praising, “You sure are smart, little crane.”

Little crane blushed slightly and extended her leg, kicking the spirit tiger.

“After forming my Inner Core, my mother gave me a name.

Im now called Qing Qing[1].”

Little crane possessed the bloodline of the Bi Fangs and looked different from other immortal cranes with a tinge of jade-green in her feathers – the name was fitting.

Little fox called out obediently, “Sister Qing Qing.”


Qing Qing nodded and hugged little fox.

Although this was the first time they met one another, they were already close as sisters after these few days of interaction.

“Who is this Little Night Spirit”

Little fox asked curiously.

A reminiscent look flashed through Su Zimos eyes as he replied sadly, “It was a little beast that I picked up in Cang Lang Mountain Range more than 20 years ago.

It should have grown up by now.”

At the mention of Night Spirit, monkey, the spirit tiger and little crane let out looks of concern.

After all, the few of them witnessed Night Spirits birth and growth in Ethereal Peak back then.

Night Spirit was picky with food and would not touch the flesh of ordinary demon beasts.

In order to feed Night Spirit, monkey, the spirit tiger and little crane fought through the jungle and sustained injuries all over to obtain different flesh so that Night Spirit could taste them all.

Although that period of time was tough and dangerous, they were ecstatic as they looked at Night Spirit grow bit by bit.

It felt like everything was worth it!

Night Spirit was well-behaved the moment he was born and knew who was good to him.

His fangs and claws were extremely sharp but he had never bared them to monkey, the spirit tiger and little crane.

“Its been a long time since Ive seen that cub.

I wonder how hes like now that hes grown up.

Does he still remember us” Monkey was in a rare emotional state.

Ever since what happened in Dongling Valley and Su Zimo and Night Spirit fled far away into the capital of Great Zhou, monkey and the others had not seen Night Spirit.

In the blink of an eye, more than 20 years had passed.

Su Zimo gazed into the distance and murmured, “20 years ago, Night Spirit accompanied Xiaoning to Elixir Yang Sect in the Middle Continent.

I wonder if well get to meet them again this time round in the intermediate ancient battlefield.”

“There should be no issues including Night Spirit with us, right” The spirit tiger asked.

Monkey and Qing Qing nodded.

There was naturally no way little fox would object to it – she was satisfied as long as Su Zimo was inside.

The Golden Lion was a little confused and did not know what Night Spirit was.

However, he shrugged to express that he was fine with it since everyone agreed to it.

The spirit tiger shifted his gaze and coughed gently.

“Since were swearing to be siblings, we should talk about seniority.

If we make that clear, we cant change that in the future, right”

Monkey scoffed coldly as he saw through the spirit tigers intentions right away.

“Why, you want to be the boss”


The spirit tiger shuddered in shock and waved it off immediately with a sheepish smile.

“No way! Even if I thought that way, I wouldnt have the balls.


There were a total of seven of them along with Night Spirit and there were demons and humans.

Everything would definitely be a mess if they judged purely based on age.

“What do you have in mind Hurry and spit it out!” Qing Qing extended her legs and kicked the spirit tiger again.

The spirit tiger was not frustrated.

Instead, it said joyfully with a slight excitement, “Su Zimo is the reason why were all here today.

Hes the only one suitable to be the big brother.

Furthermore, its undeniable that hes the strongest.”

Everyone nodded.

Monkey had no objections either.

He had a prideful nature and he wouldnt object to Su Zimo being the only one that was ranked before him.

Su Zimo smiled calmly without interrupting and merely listened to how the spirit tiger wanted things to be arranged.

Invigorated, the spirit tiger wagged its tail and smiled in a pandering manner to monkey.

“Only Brother Monkey has the right to be second!”

“Firstly, Brother Monkey knew our Big Brother the earliest and is the most experienced.

Secondly, apart from Big Brother, Brother Monkey is the strongest in combat.”

Monkey was satisfied with the explanation and grinned.

Qing Qing, little fox and the Golden Lion naturally had no objections.

Actually, the spirit tiger wanted to be the second place as well.

However, he was most likely going to be tormented back and forth by monkey if he took over that position.

As such, he decided against it.

The spirit tiger took a deep breath and cleared his throat, saying deeply with a solemn expression, “I guess Hu Batian will have to be the third!”

“I knew Big Brother a long time ago and Im strong as well!”

The spirit tiger patted his chest and declared with gusto.

This was his true intention.

With this position settled, he could openly bully everyone at the back in the future!

Of course, he could not bully Qing Qing.

Little fox was protected by Su Zimo so he could not touch her as well.

There was Night Spirit but… he had better forget about that.

With that, there was only Golden Hair left.

In the past few days, given the violent objection of the Golden Lion, he finally fought for a slightly better name for himself, from Yellow Hair to Golden Hair…

At least with theGolden word, he would not be disgracing the bloodline of the Golden Lions.

The spirit tiger glared at the Golden Lion and snickered evilly.

With that arrangement, Qing Qing would logically be number four.

There was not much to discuss about the first four spots.

However, the Golden Lion was pretty done by the time it came to number five.

According to the spirit tigers arrangement, Night Spirit would be number five.

After all, Night Spirit was the first to know Su Zimo after monkey, the spirit tiger and Qing Qing.

However, the Golden Lion did not know who Night Spirit was at all!

He was definitely indignant being ranked behind a little beast that he had never seen before.

Yet, immediately after, he was suppressed mercilessly by monkey, the spirit tiger and Qing Qing.

His objections were to no avail!

Little fox was number six.

The Golden Lion hid in a corner with misty eyes, a few slaps on his face and a few footprints on his body.

He had a gloomy look on his face and no longer spoke…

The spirit tiger laughed when he looked at the Golden Lion.

“Golden Hair, are you happy to be number seven”

The Golden Lion seethed at the smug look on the spirit tigers face.

Monkey teased, “Its okay, Golden Hair.

If we have anyone else joining us in the future, they will be placed behind you.”

“Brother Golden Hair, although Im in front of you, Im not going to bully you!” Little fox said with an earnest expression.

The Golden Lion wanted to cry.

To be fair, he truly could not afford to mess with the people before him.

Although little fox was the weakest, she was protected by Su Zimo.

There was only a single person he was indignant about the more he thought about it.

“I dont know who this Night Spirit is but you better stay away from me! Otherwise, Im going to teach you a good lesson so that you hand over the number five position, little thing!”

“How dare a nameless little beast climb over my head.


The Golden Lion rubbed his palms and grumbled internally.

[1] Green

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