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Chapter 676: Ancestor Cave Abode

Among the seven of them, apart from Su Zimo, the rest of them were demons with easygoing attitudes – there was no need for any messy formal ceremonies.

After the suggestion, everyone used the ground as a replacement for incense and kowtowed towards the skies – that action alone sealed the oath of their swear.

Thereafter, everyone became closer and Qing Qings mood improved as well.

The spirit tiger followed behind Qing Qing everyday, pandering with his butt twerking.

There was naturally much joy in their journey with the presence of the spirit tiger.

This day, they arrived at a vast plains.

Su Zimos expression changed as he paused in his tracks and listened.

Among the seven of them, his five senses were the strongest – a whole different level above the other six.

He was always the first to notice if something was wrong.

“First, whats wrong”

The Golden Lion asked.

Su Zimo said deeply, “Theres quite a bit of commotion in the East, so there should be quite a lot of people there.

Its not just cultivators, theres also the faint roars of demon beasts!”

Suddenly, the ground quaked gently.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

A series of movements sounded faintly from the East, as though someone was beating the heavenly drums.

The next moment, a bedazzling light surged into the air and illuminated the world!

A treasure was born!

The reason why the major sects and factions of Tianhuang Mainland were willing to give it their all to send cultivators to the ancient battlefield was because there were many cave abodes here that were left behind by ancestors!

There were also a few inheritance grounds, many ancient secret grounds and countless tombs with endless mysterious treasures in them!

If anyone could obtain some of the secret skills or mystic weapons, they had a chance of turning extremely powerful overnight!

Even if they did not need it themselves, they could present it to their sects in exchange for fabulous rewards.

Some factions and sects could even rise because of a single opportunity, establishing their foundation and transforming into a powerful major faction from a nameless small sect!

In fact, there was even a chance that they could instantly be ranked among one of the 108 Upper Sects!

Su Zimo narrowed his gaze and whispered, “Lets go and check things out!”

With that, he sped over in a flash.

Monkey and the others followed closely behind.

Not long after, Su Zimo gradually slowed down and gazed into the distance.

Not far ahead, there was a towering mountain peak that extended into the clouds.

Around the mountain peak were many cultivators.

There were also countless roars of demon beasts above and below the mountain peak.

A massive conflict had broken out between cultivators and demons!

Spirit energy surged in midair, releasing beams of light with scorching heatwaves.

Countless ancient trees were cut with sand flying everywhere.

Nobody knew how long the battle had been ongoing but the sight was tragic with the mountain peak drenched in blood!

Su Zimo could clearly see that there was something strange about the mountain peak.

It was split from the middle, as though a pair of invisible hands had ripped it apart!

However, in the middle of the mountain peak, instead of mountains and rocks, there was a gigantic palace that did not seem like it was man-made – it was like a work of god!

The palace was riddled with holes but within, there were ancient weapons laid out one after another.

There were also many elixirs and a few ancient books that were filled with dust!

Su Zimo whispered, “This is the birth of an ancestor cave abode and two major factions are fighting within for the treasures!”

“The fight is too chaotic, theres no way to see whats within,”

Monkey frowned.

“If we barge in right now, well definitely be targeted.”

Little fox shifted her gaze and glanced around.

“There must be quite a number of cultivators and ferocious beasts waiting by the sidelines for an opportunity to strike!”

“Lets wait a while more to see if theres any treasures worth us making a move for.

We shouldnt get involved in this mess.”

Su Zimo had a calm expression.

The simple did not seem simple given how secretive it was located in the middle of a mountain peak.

However, Su Zimo was not in a rush.

It wont be too late even if he struck when a great treasure truly appeared!


A human paragon released a Golden Core phenomenon and clashed against a few ferocious beasts.

The resultant force spread outwards and even the entire palace trembled.

Many weapons were caught up in the energy fluctuation and scattered in midair.

The eyes of the human paragon shone as he grabbed one of the swords and injected spirit energy into it.

The sword shone brightly with five spirit patterns!

A perfect spirit weapon!


The human paragon shouted and waved the sword.

A bedazzling sword light streaked through the air with rainbow colors, slicing the ferocious beasts on the other end into two, creating a blood mist.

“Haha, good sword!”

The human paragon was delighted.

His strength had increased significantly after gaining the sword and it meant that he would stand a greater chance at obtaining a spot on the Phenomenon Ranking!

Many other cultivators moved as well to snatch the weapons that were scattered in midair.

Su Zimo could see clearly that among the weapons, the weakest were at supreme-grade and there were more than 10 perfect-grade ones!

A single palace contained so many treasures!

For most cultivators, gaining a supreme-grade meant an increase in strength.

Gaining a perfect spirit weapon meant their strength would increase ten-fold!

Be it supreme-grade or perfect spirit weapons, none of them attracted Su Zimo any longer.

The greatest goal of his trip this time round was to see if he could get any high-leveled Dharmic weapons!

It was not only for himself, but also monkey and the others.

Although monkey and the others were demons, after they broke through their Inner Cores and formed their Essence Spirits, they would be able to refine Dharmic weapons for themselves as well.

It was best if they could get their hands on a suitable Dharmic weapon before breaking through to the Nascent Soul realm.


It was yet another deafening sound.

Another wall in the palace toppled and many weapons that were hung on it bounced.

Those weapons were clearly different from spirit weapons.

Even in the void where spirit energy was fluctuating in a berserk manner, they had no reaction at all and their patterns were even more intricate and seemingly divine!

Dharmic weapons!

There were Dharmic weapons in the palace!

“Look, that flying sword has two Dharmic patterns!”

“Its a middle-grade Dharmic weapon!”

For Golden Cores and the many spirit demons, a single Dharmic weapon was enough to fuel their greed.

It meant that they would get to possess a middle-grade Dharmic weapon the moment they advanced to Nascent Soul realm!

“Ah! Three Dharmic patterns! Its a superior-grade Dharmic weapon!”


A series of exclamations came from the crowd.

A scarlet spear hovered in midair with three Dharmic patterns on it!


A gigantic demon beast soared into the air.

It resembled a tiger but it had a pair of wings behind its back, emitting an endless ferocity with a menacing gaze!

“One of the four great ancient ferocious beasts, Qiong Qi!”

The Golden Lion said slowly with a grim expression.

Even among pure-blooded ferocious beasts, they had varying strength levels.

For example, the legendary four great ancient ferocious beasts were much stronger than other ferocious beasts.


The moment the Qiong Qi appeared, it opened its mouth and devoured a cultivator who was supporting a Golden Core phenomenon.

Within a few chomps, the latter was crushed and swallowed as blood oozed from the side of the Qiong Qis mouth.

It was way too violent – even a Golden Core phenomenon could not withstand it!

“Raging City Blaze!”

A roar sounded from the ground.

A human paragon wearing blazing scarlet robes charged into the battlefield with a gigantic ancient city behind him.

The ancient city blazed with flames that surged into the air and incinerated all living beings.

The moment the ancient city descended, it crushed another pure-blooded ferocious beast into sludge before burning it into ashes.

That was one of the ten upper sects of the North Region, a paragon of Blaze Columbus Valley!

A superior-grade Dharmic weapon had shown itself.

More paragons and ferocious beasts were entering the battlefield!

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