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Chapter 713: Two Great Ferocious Beasts

As though he was afraid that Su Zimo might regret things, Duan Qingping said hurriedly, “Since thats the case, well let them spar!”

Although he said it was a spar, everyone could tell that once the spirit beasts on both sides started fighting, blood would be spilled and no mercy would be shown!

Duan Qingping and Wu Feng exchanged glances – both could see the delight on the face of the other.

Earlier on, they pretended to be weak intentionally by claiming that their spirit beasts were ordinary – to think that Su Zimo would be fooled with such ease!

Duan Qingping sneered internally, “Although this monster incarnate has quite a reputation, hes probably nothing much.

Even that spirit monkey reared by him is so impetus like a moron.”

Duan Qingping and Wu Feng had relaxed expressions, convinced of their victory.

On the other side, Su Zimo had a calm expression and his gaze was deep as the ocean – no one could read his mind.

Little Fatty and Shi Jian had odd looks on their faces.

Both of them had witnessed monkeys strength personally previously.

Although that demon monkey seemed like its bloodline was ordinary, it was definitely not inferior to ferocious beasts in combat strength!

The Golden Lion had a frozen expression as he tried his best to look worried.

Qing Qing and Little Fox tried their best to hide their amusement.

The spirit tiger grinned evilly, looking as the mighty man and snake woman as though he was looking at two corpses!

They had a better understanding of monkey.

If the mysterious power in monkeys bloodline was forced out and it entered a berserk state, a calamity would definitely unfold!

At that time, monkey would not be able to recognize and would attack anyone even if it was Su Zimo.

Before long, a space opened up on the long street.

The number of cultivators gathered increased and a crowd was formed.

Monkey had already entered the battlefield and was twisting his neck to stretch.

The mighty man and snake woman formed a triangle opposite him.

With a mocking expression, the mighty man said slowly, “Demon monkey, its not too late for you to regret now!”


Monkey rolled his eyes and sprinted towards the mighty man in huge strides while cursing, “Regret your mother!”


He guarded his chest with his left hand and his right hand expanded as he threw a punch with it!

The size of his fist grew and resembled a gigantic greenish black seal that descended from the skies.

The tremendous force caused the air to explode with a boom!

Sanguine Ape Fist Seal!

That was a killing move from the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

Apart from Su Zimo, monkey was the only one who knew that!


The mighty man was about to refute when he swallowed his words out of fear towards the frightening incoming force!

In fact, there was even a stench of blood around the gigantic seal!


Recognizing how powerful this attack was, the mighty man gasped and his expression changed.


The tendons and bones in the mighty mans body rang at the same time and his blood qi surged – he reverted to his true form without hesitation after monkeys attack!

Although demons could take on human form after forming a core, their full combat strength could only be unleashed in their true forms!

A gigantic demon beast appeared where he was.

It resembled a tiger and a pair of wings appeared on its back with a swoosh.

It had sharp teeth and fangs as it glared menacingly with a torrential ferocity!


“Its a Qiong Qi!”

“The Qiong Qi is one of the four great ancient ferocious beasts! Its almost impossible to capture one alive and tame it thereafter! Duan Qingping sure is lucky!”

Any paragon that could become a top disciple of a super sect would definitely have his own opportunities and encounters.

“Duan Qingping sure is scheming to hide the identity of his spirit beast!”

“Seems like that demon monkey is doomed.”

On the other side, the snake woman seemed to have sensed the immense pressure and reverted to her true form as well.

A gigantic snake coiled up from the ground and it was a thousand foot long.

The scales on its body were as large as a persons face.

Its head could almost reach the heavens as it flicked its forked tongue while glaring at monkey coldly.

Its gigantic snake tail swayed with a nauseating stench!

Its tail was filled with poison!

The cultivators in the vicinity held their breaths hurriedly.

Everyone was even more shocked when they turned to look over.

The snakes tail was forked like a pair of hooks that shimmered coldly as though they could pierce anything in the world!

“Heavens, its a Hook Snake!”

“Yet another pure-blooded ferocious beast!”

“Duan Qingping and Wu Feng came prepared! Su Zimos demon beast is bound to die!”

Even in the ancient battlefield, pure-blooded ferocious beasts were rarely seen.

Even if they were seen, it was almost impossible to capture them alive and force them into a blood oath!

But now, an ordinary monkey was fighting against two pure-blooded ferocious beasts – wouldnt the monkey be ripped apart alive!


Monkey had already arrived in front of the Qiong Qi and the gigantic seal descended fiercely.

The Qiong Qi raised his arms to defend head-on and his blood qi surged in a torrential manner as a dull thud of defeat echoed out!

There was a momentary pause.

The next moment, the crowd went into an uproar!

Right in front of countless gazes, the massive body of the Qiong Qi was sent flying and fell onto the ground, rolling on the long street for a long time before coming to a stop – it was knocked away by a seemingly ordinary demon beast!

How powerful was that burst power

What was the background of that demon monkey such that it was able to send the Qiong Qi, one of the four great ancient ferocious beasts, flying!

“Psst! Psst! Psst!”

An evil gust of wind welcomed him.

The gigantic tail of the snake swept over like a heavenly-piercing pillar.

It had a frightening might as sand and gravel flew before it even arrived!

Monkey did not move at all and channeled his blood qi.

Reaching out, he opened his palms and grabbed the incoming snake tail directly!


The stone slabs beneath monkeys feet exploded instantly.

However, monkey did not move at all against the full-powered attack of the Hook Snake!

A cold glint flashed through the eyes of the Hook Snake.

The sweep of her tail was only her first move.

Her true killing move came from her snake hooks thereafter!

The reason why they were called Hook Snakes was because their most frightening means were the hooks on their tails!

The pair of hooks was incomparably sharp and when cultivated to the peak, they could even penetrate perfect spirit weapons!

Not only that, the hooks contained toxic poison.

Most living beings would explode into pus within ten breaths if they were struck by the hooks!

The snake tail swept over like a stone pillar and steel whip.

However, after monkey grabbed it with both hands, the snakes tail went limp.

As though it had a life of its own, it moved unusually and thrust towards monkeys legs!


Monkey could not dodge in time and two bloodied holes appeared on his legs!


The Hook Snake smiled.

In her eyes, monkey was already a dead man.

Even a pure-blooded ferocious beast could only endure slightly longer against the spread of the toxic poison but they would also die sooner or later!

Monkeys expression did not change but his knees buckled and he almost fell over.

However, the blood glint in his eyes intensified and he stood up immediately after while his body expanded as he roared into the skies!

That attack had enraged monkey thoroughly!

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