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Chapter 744: Great Qian Imperial Seal

For a hundred years, Di Yins palms were enough to suppress everyone of the same cultivation realm!

In fact, his palms could snap and crush supreme-grade spirit weapons with ease.

Even perfect spirit weapons could barely hurt him!

If any cultivator brought out a connate spirit weapon, he could avoid it with his many combat skills and kill his opponent.

But now, against Su Zimos ferocious attacks, Di Yin could not hold it in any longer.

He slapped his storage bag and an imperial seal appeared in his palm.

It looked extraordinary and a glow swiveled around it!


He pushed forward and the imperial seal flew from his hand.

It expanded rapidly in midair like a gigantic mountain and gave off an extremely frightening might that conquered everything around it!

A sentence was etched beneath the imperial seal: The emperor shall live a long and prosperous life with the mandate of the heavens.


“That looks like the heirloom imperial seal of the Great Qian Empire!”

“Theres no mistake, thats it! To think that this treasure would end up in Di Yins hands after the destruction of the Great Qian Empire! Theres no doubt that this man is born to be an emperor and possess great fortune!”

The heirloom imperial seal was made from a natural jade rock that absorbed the spirit qi of Heaven and Earth and the essence of the sun and moon.

There were six spirit patterns on the surface of the jade rock by nature.

Later on, a Weapon Refinement Grandmaster gave it a light touch up and it became the heirloom imperial seal.

Legend has it that the imperial seal was kept in the palace of the Great Qian Empire to undergo the baptism of dragon vein qi.

The Emperor of Great Qian carried it wherever he went and as time went by, the might of an emperor was nurtured in the imperial seal!

Although the imperial seal was made from a piece of jade, it was extremely tough and could snap metal and suppress all living beings!

This was a true weapon that supported a nation!

Back when the Great Qian Empire was destroyed and the four vassal states of each direction rose, flames of war raged on everywhere.

Every single vassal state wanted to get their hands on this heirloom imperial seal of the Great Qian Empire.

It was even said that whoever possessed the heirloom imperial seal could rebuild a new domineering empire to rule through history!

Even now when the North Region is split into four, for the past 10,000 years, the Great Zhou, Great Shang, Great Xia and Great You Dynasties never gave up on their search for the heirloom imperial seal.

Unfortunately, it was all to no avail.

To think that the Great Qian Imperial Seal would be in Di Yins hands!


Di Yin shouted with a bright gaze.

The Great Qian Imperial Seal descended slowly and a massive empire was conjured around the imperial seal – it crushed down with the might that could support an entire nation!

Su Zimo was expressionless and slapped his storage bag, causing a gigantic seal to appear in his palms.

His seal was squarish and golden with a divine dragon coiling above it in a life-like manner!

“This is…”

Above the clouds, the expressions of many Nascent Souls changed as they could not help but turn towards the aura given off by the gigantic seal.


Di Yin frowned slightly.

Even in the battlefield, he could clearly sense the power contained by the gigantic golden seal!

That power had not been released just yet.

However, there was a probability that it was not inferior to the Great Qian Imperial Seal once it was released!

What was that thing that had the power to contend against the Great Qian Imperial Seal

“That should be a treasure in the Human Emperors Palace,”

Although Lin Xuanji had not seen the Coiling Dragon Seal before, he could roughly guess where it was from.

There was truly nothing much that could compare to the Great Qian Imperial Seal in terms of might – a treasure of the Human Emperor was definitely one of them!

No matter what, the owner of the Great Qian Imperial Seal was merely the Emperor of Great Qian.

However, the owner of the Coiling Dragon Seal was the legendary Human Emperor!

“You want me to kneel”

Su Zimo sneered and propped up the Coiling Dragon Seal, injecting spirit energy into it.


Six spirit lights shone in a bedazzling manner.

The divine dragon that was initially coiled above the seal seemed to have awoken as it opened its eyes suddenly.

It gave off a shuddering aura that seemed as though it could crush the voids and suppress all living beings!


A dragon roar sounded.

The Coiling Dragon Seal flew from his hand and turned into a golden streak of light, smashing violently into the Great Qian Imperial Seal.


There was a deafening sound.

Streaks of resplendent lights could be seen from the collision point.

Golden light spilled everywhere as a dragon danced in the air.

The Great Qian Imperial Seal was suppressed and trembled endlessly by the Coiling Dragon Seal – the glow around the jade dimmed significantly!

However, the Great Qian Imperial Seal was a connate spirit weapon after all.

Although the Coiling Dragon Seal was strong, it could not suppress the former within a short period of time.

The killing intent in Di Yins eyes deepened after his moves were canceled by Su Zimo one after another.

He swiped his storage bag and withdrew two cold truncheons that were made of mystical metal.

“Thats the weapon that Di Yin used a hundred years ago.

Its a connate spirit weapon called the Extreme Frost Truncheons!”

Lin Xuanji said deeply, “A Mighty Figure of Chaos Essence Sect headed to the depths of the north pole personally to retrieve the frost ores.

He had a Weapon Refinement Grandmaster of Hundred Refinement Sect refine them into the truncheons.

Four foot in length and ten thousand pounds in weight, it can split mountains!”

Demoness Ji nodded as well.

“In the ancient battlefield a hundred years ago, countless weapons were destroyed by the pair of Extreme Frost Truncheons.

There were many paragons that died to them as well.”


In a flash, Di Yin charged before Su Zimo wielding the Extreme Frost Truncheons in his hands.


A frost wave descended from midair.

The air in the surroundings froze almost instantly!

Against the shroud of the Extreme Frost Truncheons, Su Zimo could clearly sense his bloodline and spirit energy churning with a tinge of sluggishness.

Su Zimo was secretly shocked.

Even he was affected given his physique, bloodline and the quality of his Golden Core.

If it was anybody else, their spirit energy and bloodline would freeze up the moment they made contact with the truncheons!

Su Zimo channeled his bloodline and the sound of a tsunami surged from within his body.

His Golden Core spun wildly.

He swiped his storage bag and Blood Quencher appeared in his hands!



The sound of a raging tide burst forth as a blood beam shone brightly and surged in reverse!

Su Zimo did not retreat at all against Di Yins attack.

Instead, he made a powerful counterattack and released Countercurrent from the Sea Calming Manual.

When he released his saber technique, it was as though waters from the sea had appeared in a massive manner!

The frost from the Extreme Frost Truncheons could freeze rivers and lakes, but it could not freeze a boundless ocean.

Tsunami blood.

Spirit energy was released relentlessly with a tidal might.

His saber force resembled an ocean.

The Extreme Frost Truncheons could not freeze his bloodline, spirit energy or saber technique!


Blood Quencher collided violently against the Extreme Frost Truncheons.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A layer of frost appeared on Blood Quenchers blade and spread towards Su Zimos palm that was on the handle!

“Ill destroy it even if its a connate spirit weapon!”

Di Yin smirked with a cold gaze.

“Not necessarily!”

Su Zimo was expressionless as he swiped his palm gently across the sabers blade.

A streak of fresh blood splashed onto the blade.

It was scorching hot!


As though it was triggered, Blood Quencher suddenly became excited.

It quivered and buzzed endlessly as its blood beam expanded and stripped away the frost on its blade!

The reason why Blood Quencher was able to evolve to become a connate spirit weapon was because it was soaked and refined in the blood of countless experts in the backyard of the old temple at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Blood Quencher was a ferocious weapon!

It was extremely bloodthirsty!

The stronger the bloodline, the more excited it was!

Now that it tasted Su Zimos blood, it instantly released a terrifying power.

Blood qi emanated and managed to envelope the Extreme Frost Truncheons!

The Extreme Frost Truncheons could not even freeze that blood qi!

However, that was merely the start of Su Zimos counterattack!

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