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Chapter 753: Pursuit!


Night Spirit thrust his palm into Perfected Lord Hun Yis back.

The glow of the perfect-grade Perfected Lord Dao robe flickered momentarily before dimming.

The Dao robe caved in deeply and Perfected Lord Hun Yi shuddered.

Blood drained from his face as he staggered to the front.

Even the Dharmic art that had yet to form in his hand was dispersed by the attack!

Nobody understood the shock Perfected Lord Hun Yi experienced at that moment.

It was lucky that he wore a perfect-grade Perfected Lord Dao robe.

If it was any other supreme-grade Dharmic weapon, his organs might have been ruptured by Night Spirits attack!

That sort of power was way too terrifying!

Perfected Lord Hun Yi did not dare to linger at all and fled into the distance.

He had the perfect-grade Perfected Lord Dao robe with him.

As long as he could hold out for a couple of breaths, Perfected Lord Tian Ming and the others would be able to step in and rescue him!

However, although he was fast, Su Zimo was faster!

“Hand over your life!”

Su Zimo shouted and released Divine Steed Fleeting, gliding through the voids before arriving instantly behind Perfected Lord Hun Yi.

He reached out and flung his arm in the direction of Perfected Lord Hun Yis head!

His arm coiled and trembled around Perfected Lord Hun Yis head like the trunk of a divine elephant!


Right in front of countless gazes, Perfected Lord Hun Yis head spun a few times around his own neck and his spine was completely snapped!


A bloodied head that was completely mangled fell to the ground.

The burst power of that attack ruptured Perfected Lord Hun Yis brains completely and his Essence Spirit did not even have the chance to escape!

Perfected Lord Hun Yi was dead!

The chaotic battle on the surface paused for a brief moment.

Nobody expected the battle to be this tragic such that a Nascent Soul died right after the commencement of the fight!

Furthermore, he died to a Golden Core!

The number one Perfected Being!

This was the true number one Perfected Being!

That was the courage and capabilities befitting someone at the top of the Phenomenon Ranking!

Within the crowd of the battle royale, Di Yin heaved a deep breath of air and a resolute look flashed through his eyes.

Without hesitation, he bolted in a flash to escape Myriad Phenomenon City!

He had fled!

Given the current circumstances, the number one of the previous Phenomenon Ranking chose to escape!

The cultivators that noticed what he did sighed with emotional looks on their faces.

At the same time, all of them could empathize with Di Yin.

Su Zimo was way too strong!

Even a Nascent Soul was killed by him – Di Yin had no choice but to avoid Su Zimo!

As long as he survived, given his talent and potential, he could rise again after advancing to the Nascent Soul realm.

At that time, he could challenge Su Zimo again and might have a shot at winning.

Both on the ground and in midair, the Golden Cores and Nascent Souls were fighting in a chaotic mess.

Di Yins movements were nothing special and he did not attract the attention of many people.

However, Su Zimo noticed him!

He had kept his eyes on Di Yins activity right from the beginning without relaxing at all.

In his heart, Di Yin was a greater threat than Perfected Lord Tian Ming and the others!

If he missed this opportunity, it would be too difficult to kill Di Yin once they returned to Tianhuang Mainland with the protection of a massive faction such as Chaos Essence Sect.

Su Zimo made his decision the moment he thought about that.

“Night Spirit, stay here and take care of Xiaoning and the others.

Ill go and kill Di Yin!”

Su Zimo left that statement and burst forward in a flash, charging in the direction where Di Yin disappeared.

“Trying to run”

“Leave the Purple Thunder Manual behind!”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming, Perfected Lord Bei Dou and the others stood out in succession to block him.

Naturally, there was no way Perfected Lord Yu Jun, Perfected Lord Luo Xue and Monk Yin Lu were going to stand by idly as they released many Dharmic arts and secret skills to defend against most of the attacks.

Monk Wei Fu managed to break free from Monk Yin Lu and appeared in front of Su Zimo in a flash.


He let out a long Buddhist proclamation and extended his palm, gripping it into a fist.

Blood qi surged and his arm shone with a blinding light as though it was covered with a layer of gold!


He threw a punch out!

Dharmic powers surged and the voids trembled.

Monk Wei Fu had a burning gaze as he glared into Su Zimos eyes, shouting, “Demon, where do you think youre going”

With that, Monk Wei Fu released two secret skills and a Dharmic art of Diamond Monastery!

The secret skills were none other than the Enraged Diamond Gaze and Lion Roar.

The Dharmic art was Monk Wei Fus punch.

Known as the Diamond Fiend Suppression Punch, it was the ultimate technique that supported Diamond Monastery.

Every single punch contained a ton of power and could subdue evil and fiends, as though one was imbued with diamond!

However, Monk Wei Fus visual technique could not affect Su Zimo at all.

Su Zimo cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness regularly and was superior to Monk Wei Fu in terms of visual prowess.

Furthermore, Su Zimo cultivated Illumination Eye daily with an unwavering resolve.

The Enraged Diamond Gaze could not push him back at all!

“Get lost!”

Su Zimo was in a rush to catch up to Di Yin and did not wish to be stopped here as he released a tremendous roar – it was the secret skill, Thunderclap Kill.

The power of his lungs was way too strong!

The roar engulfed Monk Wei Fus Lion Roar instantly like a sudden thunderbolt!

Su Zimos eyes shone ferociously as he faced Monk Wei Fus incoming golden fist.

Without dodging or avoiding, he charged forward and threw his leg ahead.

A gigantic ravine seemed to have formed in the air!

Using Plow Heaven Stride as a foundation, Su Zimo threw out a punch as well, channeling his Inner Core to gather his blood qi towards his fist.

Everything burst forth the moment he clashed against Monk Wei Fu!


There was a deafening sound.

Their surroundings seemed to have frozen!

The next moment, a figure was repelled and nearly fell from the skies!

Monk Wei Fu had a frightfully pale face and the robes on his arm were shredded into pieces.

His flesh split apart with a series of frightening bloody rips!


A Perfected Lord of Diamond Monastery that specialized in body tempering was sent flying by a single punch from Su Zimo!

To think that Su Zimos melee combat strength would be this terrifying!

Su Zimo did not pause at all as he tore through countless obstacles and continued his pursuit for Di Yin.

Di Yin sped the entire way.

When he heard the commotion, he turned around instinctively and caught sight of Su Zimo who was sprinting towards him!


He cursed as he conjured hand seals and channeled spirit energy.

“Five Elements Escape!”

Fight streams of lights with a myriad of colors shone from Di Yins body and his speed exploded, as though he was in resonance with Heaven and Earth!


Su Zimo narrowed his gaze and slapped his storage bag, grabbing a handful of elixirs to stuff into his mouth.

The elixirs in his storage bag were all at perfect-grade.

The moment they entered his tummy, the elixirs were converted into rumbling spirit energy that cruised through his limbs before converging in his dantian.

Su Zimo was invigorated and a pair of gigantic wings spread behind him.

Ethereal Wings!

Coupled with Su Zimos blood qi and the burst of his body, a green streak of light bolted by at a terrifying speed when he flapped his wings!

The two monster incarnates rushed out of Myriad Phenomenon City one after another.

The one at the front was running for his life.

All his attention was focused on his pursuer.

Neither of them noticed that not far away from Myriad Phenomenon City, a group of cultivators was approaching slowly.

There were around a hundred cultivators and all of them were tall and muscular.

All of them wore black robes that concealed their appearances beneath a dark hood as they emanated malevolent auras!

“Is this the Myriad Phenomenon City of the human race”

The black-robed man that led the group paused in his tracks and raised his head slowly to gaze at the majestic ancient city before him.

Suddenly, he laughed sinisterly.

“Hehehe, were finally here!”

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