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Chapter 770: Heavenly Encompassing Formation

In less than three breaths, two Rakshasas died in succession!

Many cultivators watched with widened eyes and bated breaths in disbelief.

The Rakshasa race was one of the Primordial Nine Races.

They possessed a noble bloodline, a pair of meat wings and agile movement techniques – all the cultivators present had experienced the terror of the Rakshasa race.

But now, two Rakshasas were dead just like that.

Furthermore, the cause of their deaths was practically unknown.

Even for monkey, the spirit tiger and the others who had watched Night Spirit grow up and were even sworn siblings with him now were shocked, let alone the other cultivators.

While they knew that Night Spirit was strong, none of them expected him to be this frightening!

More than 30 Rakshasas charged together at the same time and briefly later, two of them were dead!

His capabilities and combat strength were out of this world!

“Its no wonder why I lost,”

The Golden Lion murmured.

He suffered a loss the first time he met Night Spirit.

Initially, the Golden Lion wanted to cultivate harder and seek an opportunity to get even in the future.

At this point, that thought had vanished into thin air.

The three Nascent Souls exchanged glances – all of them could see the shock and bewilderment in the others eyes.

The others might not be able to see the fight clearly.

However, the three of them possessed spirit consciousnesses and could vaguely see the entire process of Night Spirits fight with the large group of Rakshasas.

It was shocking, perfect and frightening!

Night Spirit was decisive and vicious without any bit of hesitation or stagnation.

Every single strike was a killing attack!

For the three of them, their first reaction towards the process was shock.

Be it in terms of timing, angle, movement technique, speed, strength of burst or choice of target, Night Spirits attacks were perfect.

They were completely flawless!

However, the more they thought about it, the more frightening it seemed.

Even if the three of them were in peak conditions, they might not be able to defend against Night Spirits attacks unscathed!

Night Spirit was practically born to kill!

From him, there was a faint, antiquated aura that was dark and cold; it was unsettling and sent chills down ones spine!

At their cultivation realm, Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the other two had broken free of the shackles of Heaven and Earth and their lifespans were at a thousand years – this was a feeling that they did not experience even when they faced the Rakshasa race.

But from Night Spirits aura, the three of them felt a chill!

Right as the three Nascent Souls were imagining things, another Rakshasa fell from midair with a hole in his chest – his heart was crushed.

Night Spirits figure was like a phantom.

It was barely visible under the guise of the night.

Although the attacks from the large group of Rakshasas were ferocious, Night Spirit was still able to identify gaps and avoid everything while retaliating!

Initially, the God race leader intended to just sit by idly and watch the show unfold.

However, at that moment, he frowned as he glared at Night Spirits figure.

His gaze shone brightly as though he was in deep thought.

The Rakshasa leaders face was frighteningly grim.

At the same time, something else happened on another side of the battlefield!

“Om… Ma… Ni… Pa… Mi… Hom!”

The six Sanskrit characters echoed like a resounding bell that rang through the world!

The Sanskrit seemed as though they possessed the supreme noble strength of the Buddhist Dao.

It was the Daming Mantra!

The long lost ultimate technique of Daming Monastery had reappeared in Myriad Phenomenon City!

The power of a single Sanskrit character was enough to rattle the mind of a cultivator.

The combined burst of six Sanskrit characters shook the world and caused everything to quake.

The weather changed and thunder even rumbled at the horizons of the skies in resonance!

At the same time, the cultivators that were away from the battlefield felt their blood qi move and their heartbeats palpitated.

However, for the dozens of Rakshasas in the battlefield, they were merely stunned momentarily!

Their bloodlines were way too strong.

Although the Daming Mantra was powerful, it did not have much effect on them.

Right then, Su Zimo struck!


Accompanied by a loud roar, the blood barrier surrounding Su Zimo converged instantly into Blood Quencher in his hands.

Immediately after, a blood beam burst through the horizons!

Su Zimos blood qi burst forward as his black hair danced.

He carved a gigantic blood-colored semicircular arc in midair that almost cut the entire world into two!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

There were at least 10 Rakshasas that were caught up in the blood beam.

None of them could defend against that terrifying attack.

Three Rakshasas were cut into two on the spot; even the curved sabers in their hands were shattered by Blood Quencher!

Although the remaining Rakshasas managed to defend against the sharpness of Blood Quencher, their bodies could not withstand the burst power of the attack.

They coughed out fresh blood and their gazes dimmed as they crashed onto the ground, severely injured.

Clang! Clang!

After the refinement in the backyard at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, Blood Quencher had become an extremely ferocious weapon!

After consuming the fresh blood of the Rakshasas, it now looked sharper and even more terrifying.

Its blade emanated a rich blood scent and it quivered excitedly!

“Lay down the formation!”

The voice of the Rakshasa leader sounded suddenly; it was chilling to the bones!

Clang! Clang!

Rakshasas on both sides of the battlefield withdrew iron chains made from mystic metal from their storage bags.

In pairs, the Rakshasas tugged on both ends of the chains.

They made use of the speed of their movement techniques to circle and weave around Su Zimos surroundings.

Su Zimos heart skipped a beat and he dealt with everything carefully; he did not dare to be careless.

The chains were rather flexible.

When Blood Quencher slashed at them, it felt as though it was hitting air.

Su Zimo continued to wave his Blood Quencher but he could not release the might of his saber.

Instead, the room he had available for maneuvering decreased by the moment.

Before long, a chain was coiled around his body!


Su Zimo frowned.

There were imperceptible, tiny sharp spikes that were hidden on the chains!

They were only revealed after the chain was coiled around Su Zimos body and pierced into his flesh!

Even with his powerful physique, Su Zimo could not defend against the sharpness of the spikes!

His brief moment of distraction caused another chain to coil around his arm twice, restricting the power of Blood Quencher completely.

“This is bad!”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue gasped.

More chains coiled around Su Zimos body.

The more chains there were, the more difficult it was for Su Zimo to break free.

Now that the threat of Blood Quencher was gone and Su Zimo was trapped in a massive formation, the victory of the Rakshasas was almost guaranteed with their agile movement techniques!

One after another, like anacondas, the chains coiled around Su Zimos arms, thighs, chest, back and body tightly and revealed their sharp spikes to tear into his flesh!

In the blink of an eye, there were already many chains around Su Zimo!

The Rakshasa leaders expression loosened up as he laughed menacingly.

“Why arent you struggling anymore, ant”

“This is the Heavenly Encompassing Formation of our Rakshasa race.

Even the Barbarian race of the Primordial Nine Races wont be able to break free from this, let alone ants such as yourselves!”

There were dozens of Rakshasas and each of them held a chain in their hands as they stood in midair and looked down at Su Zimo with mocking gazes.


Su Zimo stood on the spot motionlessly and suddenly let out a laugh.

“You think that you can trap me using these pieces of scrap metal”

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