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Chapter 784: Encompassing Blood Qi

Many cultivators were stunned.

Nobody could understand how Su Zimo who was seemingly battered could go against a Nascent Soul.

Su Zimo walked slowly towards Perfected Lord Tian Ming with an overwhelming aura.

The bloodstains splattered on the ground formed thin threads that surged towards Su Zimos body in a wild manner, as though they were drawn in by a mysterious power!

Su Zimos body seemed to have transformed into a black hole that could consume blood as it drew in the endless power from the fresh blood on the battlefield that had yet to dry up!

The aura around Su Zimo became increasingly evil!

His blood qi was torrential and he was like an Asura that walked out from Hell!

Many cultivators felt their hearts palpitate and it was as though they were about to be sucked into the black hole when they glanced at it briefly!

In fact, many cultivators felt their bloodlines rumble involuntarily!

What sort of powers were these

Everyone was horrified!

“This is…”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun frowned and pondered for a moment.

Suddenly, he exclaimed, as though he recalled something, “The Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra!”

All the cultivators present were shocked when they heard his remark!

The Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra was extremely powerful!

Countless thousand years ago, a fiend of Asura Sect created the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra and massacred the masses.

He created a blood storm throughout the cultivation world that nobody could stop.

This fiend of Asura Sect was the notorious Dao Lord Blood Fiend!

Back then, Dao Lord Blood Fiend was the titular disciple of Asura Sect and was invincible across the same cultivation realm.

Although he was not at the Dharma Characteristic realm, his combat strength could match Conjoint Bodies!

In fact, many Conjoint Bodies did not dare to challenge him!

The Mahayana realm came above the Conjoint Body realm.

Everybody at the Mahayana realm were all Patriarchs that rarely appeared; they were untraceable.

During that period of time, although there were many experts that formed alliances to try and kill Dao Lord Blood Fiend, he was crafty and would escape a thousand miles when he detected the slightest activity.

All the experts failed one after another.

Later on, there were even rumors that a Patriarch of the immortal sects showed himself to deal with this matter!

Although Dao Lord Blood Fiend was severely injured, he managed to escape with the use of a terrifying escape technique!

The fact that a Mahayana Patriarch appeared to stop a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord was shocking enough, let alone his escape from the Patriarch!

This matter created an earthshaking battle between the immortal and fiend sects.

Dao Lord Blood Fiends reputation was spread far and wide!

Everybody knew that with his endowment, he would definitely become an emperor if he continued cultivating!

Furthermore, his combat strength would be comparable to the ancient emperors!

He would definitely be a catastrophe to the entire cultivation world and the living masses!

Finally, a monk appeared from seclusion.

This monk was the titular disciple of Daming Monastery for that generation, Monk Daming!

Before he appeared, there was no news of him in the world.

In fact, there were few who had heard of him in the entire cultivation world.

It was only after Monk Daming appeared and engaged Dao Lord Blood Fiend in a massive battle that ended in a draw that his reputation was spread throughout the world!

Later on, the two of them fought countless times but all of them ended in draws.

Finally, an outcome was determined during their fourth fight.

The ending of the great battle was a mystery for the entire cultivation world.

Nobody knew the exact story.

The most famous rumor was that both monster incarnates died.

However, neither of their corpses or bones could be found after that fight.

Three of the Mingwang Prayer Beads were lost during that battle as well.

Even until now, the location of two of them was unknown.

The Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra was lost too.

Nobody expected this fiend sutra that was the most nefarious and evil during that period of time to appear once again today!

Unknowingly, Su Zimo had an innate disdain towards this cultivation technique.

He was even more resistant to a secret skill that devoured blood.

Up till this point of his cultivation, he had only released it once.

It was back in Cang Lang Mountain Range when he had just obtained Night Spirit.

His bloodline was being consumed by Night Spirit and he had no other choice but to release that secret skill in order to survive.

When he fought against the God race earlier on and was almost completely exhausted, the thought of using the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra crossed Su Zimos mind as well.

However, firstly, he had always been resistant towards it.

Secondly, the blood that flowed through Myriad Phenomenon City was almost entirely from human cultivators!

He truly did not wish to consume the blood of people from his own race.

But now, the blood that he was devouring was not from humans, but from the Rakshasa and God race!

Compared to the tens of thousands of human cultivators, there were only slightly more than a hundred Rakshasa and God race beings.

However, their bloodlines possessed tremendous power of blood.

All of that power was gushing into Su Zimos body relentlessly!

Su Zimos aura was on the rise!

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

His eyes became bloodshot and his pupils were almost completely dyed red as the thought of killing filled his mind!

He wished for nothing more than to slaughter all the living beings before him!

That was the frightening part of the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra.

It could even affect a cultivators mind and determination!

Right now, Su Zimo had both demonic and immortality cultivation and he had also comprehended the Zen of Buddhism.

As such, his mind was clear and his firm determination was unwavering.

Even so, he showed signs of turning into a fiend while he channeled the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra!

Blood scars appeared on Su Zimos face, arms and chest and extended in all directions in a terrifying manner!

Torrential blood qi emanated from Su Zimo with every single step he took towards Perfected Lord Tian Ming.

His black hair was gradually dyed red and danced in midair while the blood shade in his eyes deepened.

Perfected Lord Tian Ming felt his scalp prickle and hairs stand on end at the sight of Su Zimo in that state!

A tremendous pressure gushed over!

Even Little Fatty and the others who surrounded Su Zimo initially retreated with fearful eyes, let alone him.

“Fiend, dont you dare be insolent!”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming mustered his courage and hollered.

His glabella flashed and he pointed forward, shooting a blinding thunderbolt from his finger onto Su Zimos head.

However, before the thunderbolt struck, it was dispersed by the blood qi around Su Zimo!

“Not good!”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming grit his teeth and a conflicted look flashed through his eyes.

However, he made a decision instantly and turned to flee.

He would have died countless times if he was not so decisive.

Since he wanted to escape, he had to flee with all his might and not hesitate.

Perfected Lord Tian Ming clearly knew that even with the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra, Su Zimo merely recovered his power of bloodline – Su Zimos spirit and demonic energies were both expended and there was no way he could catch up to him!

However, he did not get careless and released Zephyr Thunder Escape!

Perfected Lord Tian Ming rode on zephyr thunder and vanished from the spot as he fled into the distance.

“Youre still trying to escape”

Su Zimos voice sounded, chilling to the bones.

When the wordstill sounded, the both of them were at least a thousand feet apart.

When the wordtrying sounded, the both of them were less than five hundred feet apart!

By the time the final word sounded, Perfected Lord Tian Ming could even feel Su Zimos breath!

It was a breath with a hint of blood stench!

He was close by!

Perfected Lord Tian Mings eyes widened and he suddenly recalled something.

Rumors had it that within the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra, there was a fearsome Blood Escape technique.

Could it be…

Before that thought was finished, an encompassing blood qi had already engulfed him!

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