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Chapter 794: Dont Know Whats Good

Su Zimo knew that the rat was looking out for them.

After a momentary silence, Su Zimo raised his chin slightly with cupped fists and said, “The five of us are sworn siblings from the North Region.

Greetings, three sirs.”

He was neither overbearing nor servile!

Who was Su Zimo

He was the number one of the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking!

He was the second Human Emperor and the strongest monster incarnate in history.

This was someone who killed the beings of the Primordial Nine Races in Myriad Phenomenon City and had the blood of a dragon flowing within his body!

Although the three of them were fiend demons, they were only low-level fiend demons and were equivalent to the Nascent Souls of human cultivators – they were nothing much to Su Zimo.

He was already showing immense respect with his willingness to greet with cupped fists on their first meeting.

What he was truly wary about was the Howling Moon Territorial Lord behind the three of them!

One had to be a mid-level fiend demon in order to be a Territorial Lord and that was equivalent to a Void Reversion – that was two major cultivation realms above Su Zimo!

Furthermore, they were foreign to the Thousand Demon Valley.

There was no need for them to get into conflict with any faction upon their immediate arrival.

The most important thing for the five of them was to settle down and get familiarized with their surroundings.

Thereafter, they had to seek out a safe, secluded location to attempt their breakthroughs!

Monkey raised his brow slightly when he saw Su Zimo speak; he followed suit and cupped his fists symbolically without saying anything.

He had a proud nature but there was nothing much to greeting someone.

However, there was definitely no way he could pander the same way the rat did.

The five of them followed Su Zimos lead.

The spirit tiger and Qing Qing exchanged glances and greeted in the same manner.


The bear demon gave an odd laugh and glared at Su Zimo coolly, “You sure are cocky!”

“Interesting, interesting,”

The bull demon glared at the rat and sneered, “Dont these puny demons you found know any rules”

Although the bull demon was smiling, his eyes were filled with pure coldness.

The goat demon was expressionless and glared at Su Zimo for a long time.

His brows were knitted subtly and only unfurled after it seemed as though he could not make out anything.

The rat wiped away his sweat in secret and said, “Three sirs, please dont be angered.

The few of them dont know the rules because theyve just arrived.

They will definitely be better in the future,”

Monkeys lips twitched as he sneered internally.

‘Whats there to be cocky about Once I break through from the Core Formation realm and become a fiend demon, anyone of your level will be bashed to death by my rod one after another!

The rat continued, “Three sirs, dont worry, the five of them are not weak.

They will definitely become capable subjects for the Howling Moon Territorial Lord in the future!”

“A monkey, a tiger and an immortal crane,”

The goat demon muttered and his cold gaze moved slowly and was fixed on Su Zimo.

“Whats your true form”

Be it monkey or the spirit tiger, although they were in human form, it was incomplete and they bore signs of their true forms.

However, Su Zimo looked like a human through and through!

If not for the fact that he could not sense any aura of an Essence Spirit from Su Zimo, the goat demon would have thought that the green-robed man was a fiend demon!

Su Zimo frowned.

Although he emanated demonic qi, he was not a demon to begin with – how could he have a true form

He might be able to get through saying that he was half a dragon, but would the three people before him believe his words

Right then, the goat demons eyes sharpened as he glared behind Su Zimo before hollering, “That woman, stand forth!”

The expressions of monkey, the spirit tiger and everyone else darkened immediately.

A frail figure slowly appeared – it was none other than Little Fox who was hiding behind Su Zimo in silence!

Little Fox looked flustered.

However, she had been through bloodshed in the ancient battlefield after all and had turned much more courageous.

She composed herself and greeted the three fiend demons politely before saying in a soft voice, “Greeting, three sirs.”

Little Fox was way too beautiful.

Her body was curvy and innately bewitching; charm was exuded from head to toe of her body.

Even without releasing the bewitchment techniques of the Fox race, most people would feel frustrated and worked up at the mere sight of Little Fox.

“This lass is decent,”

The black bear demon smacked his lips and smirked.

The bull demon pouted his lips.

“Its a pity that her frame is too small and frail.

She cant take any roughness at all.”

The black bear demon nodded in agreement.

The goat demon sized Little Fox up brazenly and suddenly asked, “Fox race”

Little Fox had transformed into a human completely and there were no flaws in her outer appearance, yet the goat demon was able to see through her true form instantly!

A flustered look flashed through Little Foxs eyes and vanished instantly.

She shook her head and forced a smile.

“Sir, you must be joking.

Im not from the Fox race.”

Little Foxs lie was way too obvious to the goat demon!


This was the first time that a smile appeared on the goat demons face.

His skinny face that was originally filled with wrinkles crumpled even further and he looked somewhat frightening.

“Youll follow me from this day forth,”

He pointed to Little Fox and said in a commanding tone that was unquestionable.

A hint of scarlet gradually appeared in monkeys eyes!

The spirit tigers hairs stood on end!

Qing Qings expression was cold and she was prepared to revert to her true form and fight at any moment!

It did not matter much to monkey and the others whether they had to join Howling Moon or greet the three fiend demons.

However, Little Fox was their bottom line!

Nobody was allowed to harbor designs on Little Fox!

Nobody noticed that Su Zimos head was slightly lowered the moment the goat demons sights were locked onto Little Fox – Su Zimos gaze was cold and filled with immense killing intent!

Instantly, the atmosphere within the forest tensed up and was murderous.

The bull demon glared at monkey and the others and chided, “What are you doing Do you have a death wish”

The black bear demon cracked his neck and rubbed his gigantic bear paws together, chuckling coldly.

“Its been a long time since Ive killed to my fill!”

More than a hundred Golden Core spirit demons gradually gathered around from the forest.

They had hostile expressions and bared their fangs and claws!

“Everyone, calm down! Calm down!”

The rat was flustered and made eyes at Su Zimos group constantly.

“The three sirs have served the Howling Moon Territorial Lord for many years.

It isnt a bad thing following them!”

The rat placed emphasis on the wordsHowling Moon Territorial Lord.

He was reminding them out of goodwill.

However, he truly had not realized how important Little Fox was to Su Zimo and the others.

Even if it was an Overlord that wanted to lay his hands on Little Fox, Su Zimo and the others would fight with their lives on the line, let alone a Territorial Lord!

The goat demon glanced at the flustered rat by the side and asked coldly, “These puny demons dont know whats good for them.

Are you on their side”


The rat was so frightened that he shirked his neck and lost his courage.

The situation before them was truly not as he had expected.

The rat had truly invited Su Zimo and the other four to Howling Moon Mountain because he thought highly of their capabilities; to think that things would develop as such the moment they arrived here.

He glanced at Su Zimo and the others before standing behind the three fiend demons, obediently and slightly ashamed.

It was not a difficult choice to make.

A glance was enough to see which was the stronger side.

“So, there are truly people who dont know whats good for them!”

Su Zimo sighed gently.

Before his sigh ended, he struck without any warning!

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