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Chapter 876: Thousand Demon Tomb

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

The divine lights shot through the air and resplendent light shone everywhere.

Although Su Zimo stood in the distance, his eyesight was extremely powerful.

When he focused his gaze, he could not help but froze on the spot.

The rays of resplendent light consisted of many Dharmic weapons – there were long needles, bone sabers, flying swords, bronze tripods and many other varieties!


A fiend demon that was caught unprepared was pierced through the body by a ray of light.

Instantly, a hole appeared with blood gushing out as he shrieked.

Another fiend demon circulated his Dharmic art and demonic qi rumbled as he suppressed a ray of light.

When he focused his gaze, his eyes lit up.

The ray of light was a flying sword!

It was a Dao Being Dharmic weapon!

Furthermore, there were five Dharmic patterns on it!

It was a perfect-grade Dao Being Dharmic weapon!

Even in the human cultivation world, a Dharmic weapon of this quality was extremely rare to obtain, let alone in the world of demons.


The demon gripped the flying sword and reared his head in abundant laughter.


His laughter came to a stop.

The fiend demons head was pierced by a poisoned needle and his face turned green in the blink of an eye.

His Essence Spirit was poisoned and died on the spot before it could escape from the physical body.

A woman from Thousand Snake Island picked up the perfect-grade Dao Being Dharmic weapon and fled swiftly.

The other fiend demons that caught sight of this soared into the air and used various methods to capture the divine streaks of light in the air.

“Mine is also a perfect Dharmic weapon!”

“Ah! Its a supreme-grade Dharmic weapon!”

“You must have a death wish! How dare you take my Dharmic weapon!”

The exclamations of demons echoed as massacres broke out everywhere.

Some of the fiend demons were encircled by other fiend demons the moment they obtained a Dharmic weapon and the Dharmic weapons were taken away right away as well.


A streak of light tore through the air towards Su Zimos direction and arrived instantly.


Su Zimos expression changed as he reached out to grab the streak of divine light.

It was not a Dharmic weapon, but a scarlet rock that gave off an incomparably scorching aura; it was slightly scalding to the touch.

Furthermore, Su Zimo gripped it with his right hand and the Divine Phoenix Bone within was reacting slightly.

“Whats that”

He scanned it up and down but could not see anything from it.

“Hold on!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fires voice sounded.

“Thats a Scarlet Phoenix Blood Ore! Its a rare material with utmost Yang and flame attributes in the cultivation world! Hurry and keep it!”

If Dao Lord Extreme Fire wanted to reconstruct a set of skeleton that was suitable for his Dao and Dharmic powers, he would require nine rare materials with utmost Yang and fire attributes!

The Scarlet Phoenix Blood Ore was one of them!

Legend has it that the Scarlet Phoenix Blood Ore is a rock that has been soaked in the blood of a phoenix.

Eventually formed after dozens of thousands of years, it was easy to see how rare this material was.

Even money might not be able to purchase such a rare material in the marketplace of the cultivation world!

Su Zimo had not expected to come across a piece of it in the Thousand Demon Valley.

Previously, he absorbed quite a bit of dragon vein back in the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair in the ancient battlefield.

Unknowingly, the fortune augmentation on him must have had some effect as well.

“Hand over that treasure!”

Right then, the sound of clothes fluttering through the air echoed.

Seven fiend demons were charging over – they followed the divine light released by the Scarlet Phoenix Blood Ore!

Su Zimo swept his gaze and could not help but sneer when he sensed that the seven of them were mid-level fiend demons.

He flipped his palm and put away the Scarlet Phoenix Blood Ore immediately.

“You must have a death wish! What was that treasure you hid away!”

A fiend demon approached with killing intent on his face as he pointed at Su Zimo and shouted.

The other few fiend demons encircled Su Zimo rapidly with hostile expressions as well.


Before long, the expression on one of their faces changed.

He pointed at Su Zimo with widened eyes of disbelief and asked in a quivering voice, “Y-Youre Mo arent you Youre not dead”

All the demons witnessed Su Zimo fleeing with Blood Escape previously with the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak hot on his tails.

To all of them, Su Zimo was definitely doomed since he was targeted by an Overlord!

However, to think that Su Zimo managed to return alive!

At the mention ofMo, the remaining few fiend demons also jumped in shock and retreated hurriedly.

Only a fiend demon from Levitating Goat Peak that stood at the front remained motionless.

Instead, he looked at the remaining fiend demons with mocking expressions and declared loudly, “Why are all of you so scared because of a low-level fiend demon How shameful!”

“Brother Yang, you arrived late and did not witness this demons capabilities…”

A fiend demon tried to explain hurriedly.

Unexpectedly, the fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak interrupted with a stifled chuckle.

“How capable can a low-level fiend demon be If he doesnt hand that treasure over to me today, Im going to…”

“What are you going to do”

A voice, calm and cold, sounded in the ears of the fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak.


The fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak gasped.

Unknowingly, Su Zimo had already appeared before him!

It was too fast!

Without hesitation, the fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak wanted to condense an Essence Spirit secret skill.

Unexpectedly, Su Zimo roared, “Get lost!”

His voice was like thunder!

The figure of the fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak shuddered and he froze before he could complete his Essence Spirit secret skill.

In that brief period of time, Su Zimo had already advanced with the momentum and slapped the demon on the head!


The demons head cracked open and the Essence Spirit within ruptured into pieces right away!

Su Zimo did not stop and had already sped forward.

By the time the few fiend demons snapped out of their stupor, all they were left with was a fleeing back view.

“Why are there so many Dharmic weapons flying out all of a sudden What exactly is hidden underground”

Su Zimo muttered softly.

This time round, even Dao Lord Extreme Fire did not reply, as though he was seemingly perplexed over what was going on as well.


Right then, another explosion sounded from the ground.

The ground shook and the mountains trembled!

The already protruding ground exploded completely with a dark rumbling aura, revealing a large burial ground underneath!

Countless corpses that seemed to be from a long time ago were amassed within; the flesh on the corpses had already rotted.

Even their storage bags were destroyed.

Countless Dharmic weapons were scattered between the corpses.

Most of them were dim without light and only a few glowed faintly.

It was a huge tomb underground!

From the massive skeletons in the tomb, it could be deduced that almost all of the dead corpses originated from demons.

Something must have happened here in the past that caused so many demons to be buried in this huge tomb with corpses strewn everywhere.

The ground in the surrounding was already dyed red and it was horrific!

The many high-level fiend demons and Overlords who were originally fighting in midair paused as well.

They gazed down at the tomb with solemn expressions; their gazes flickered with bewilderment.

Suddenly, the old ape reached out and grabbed hold of a blood-colored rock at the edge of the tomb.

It was grisly red and reeked of blood!

“Thats the… Thousand Demon Blood Crystal!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fires voice sounded in Su Zimos mind with a hint of shock.

“There must be at least several dozen thousand demons buried in this tomb for a Thousand Demon Blood Crystal to be formed! Only that amount of blood is enough to create a Thousand Demon Blood Crystal!”

Su Zimos heart skipped a beat.

This place was actually a pit buried with dozens of thousands of demons in the past and a torrential dark aura that was almost corporeal.

Only after all this time did it finally see the day of light!

The stars above the firmaments became even more chaotic!

Countless stars flickered between light and darkness as though they were about to descend!

A murderous aura spread through the demon tomb.

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