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Chapter 878: Three Great Dao Lords

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “If you can see through the veil of the ball of light, it means weve got the advantage!”

“Should we make a move now”

Su Zimo asked.

“Wait a while more,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was extremely calm and said in a deep voice, “There are other people around here!”

“Other people”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

He could clearly tell that Dao Lord Extreme Fire was not referring to fiend demons, but humans!

Right then, the old apes two long brows fluttered without wind.

He spun around violently and glared into the voids not far away with a gaze as sharp as a saber, hollering, “Who is hiding over there Get out!”


Mocking and teasing laughter filled the air and a relaxed voice sounded, “You are all nothing but a bunch of beasts.

What can you guys do to me if I come out”

Immediately after, a fluctuation appeared in midair.

A man dressed in luxurious robes rode over on the wind in a suave manner.

He had elegant features and was dignified and handsome.

Wielding a folding fan in his hands, there was an indescribable charm and grace to him.

“How dare you Who are you calling beasts!”

“Huh Your aura…”

“A human cultivator!”

“This is a human cultivator!”

Many high-level fiend demons looked over and discovered before long that there was no hint of demonic qi on this person.

Instead, there was the aura of a human cultivator!

The Overlord of Confusion Mist Swamp said coldly, “Youre nothing more than a Dharma Characteristic of the human race.

You must have a death wish for coming here alone!”

The combat strength of a Dharma Characteristic was comparable to high-level fiend demons.

However, despite the menacing gazes of so many fiend demons, there was no hint of panic in the eyes of this man.

Instead, he looked composed and curled his lips gently with a bewitching smile.

Su Zimo noticed the emblem on this mans robes a long time ago and knew that he was from one of the seven fiend sects – Cloud Rain Sect.

“To think that its him!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fires voice sounded.

Su Zimo asked, “Senior, you know who he is”

“His Dao title is Cloud Rain and hes the titular disciple of Cloud Rain Sect!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire seemed to dislike this person a lot and sneered, “Heh, to think that even after 5,000 years have passed, this sniveling thief is still at the same cultivation realm and has not grown at all!”

Despite Dao Lord Extreme Fires remark, Su Zimo did not dare to underestimate this man.

The deeper ones cultivation was, the harder it would be for them to progress in the later stages.

At the Dharma Characteristic realm, ones lifespan extends to 10,000 years.

It was only normal for somebodys cultivation realm to remain stagnant after cultivating for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Furthermore, the fact that this person, Dao Lord Cloud Rain, could remain as the titular disciple for 5,000 years meant that he was not someone easy to deal with!

“Let me correct two things,”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain looked at the Overlord of Confusion Mist Swamp and smiled idly before saying in a slow and unhurried manner, “First, Im not alone.

Second, you cant kill me either!”

The moment he said that, a snowstorm appeared in the voids and the temperature dipped instantly!

Thereafter, countless snowflakes condensed in midair and formed a bridge of ice that extended to the distant horizons.

A slim figure strode over.

In the blink of an eye, she arrived!

It was another Dharma Characteristic of the human race!

“Its a cultivator from Snowdrift Valley,”

Su Zimo said deeply.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire nodded.

“I dont recognize this woman so she should be my junior.

However, since shes qualified to stand shoulder to shoulder with Dao Lord Cloud Rain, she should not be weak.”

“Someone else with a death wish!”

The Overlord of Golden Flames Mountain roared in laughter.

The Overlord of Thousand Snake Island laughed in amusement as she said in a flirting manner, “My, this is quite the beauty.

Can you guys bear to kill her”

Due to the cultivation techniques they cultivated, the female cultivators of Snowdrift Valley exuded coldness that made them seem like ice mountains that isolated themselves from everyone else.

However, this womans features were truly pure, peerless and ravishing.

“All of you had better give way!”

The female cultivator of Snowdrift Valley said coldly.


The Overlord of Thousand Demon Valley could not help but laugh.

“Ice beauty, this is the Thousand Demon Valley, not your sect! Youre at the wrong place if you want to throw a tantrum!”

The female cultivator of Snowdrift Valley did not speak anymore but her expression turned colder.

Su Zimo frowned and murmured softly, “What are they doing here Could it be…”

“They should be here for the Heaven Slaying Sword Art,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire nodded.

“Im guessing that someone among them managed to tell that a sword art was about to be born judging from the universal phenomenon in Thousand Demon Valley!”

Originally, it was already extremely difficult for Su Zimo to snatch the sword art from the watch of many high-level fiend demons and six Overlords.

Now that two more Dharma Characteristics had appeared, it was even more difficult for Su Zimo to get his hands on the sword art!

The old ape asked deeply, “Why are the two of you here now”

“Naturally, were here to retrieve something that belongs to the human race,”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain whipped out his folding fan and pointed to the ball of light that hovered in midair not far away.


The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley roared in laughter as though he had just heard the greatest joke in the world.

“This is a treasure that was born in the Thousand Demon Valley, who was the one who said that this belongs to the human race”

“I did.”

Another voice sounded.


A streak of light shimmered from the distant horizons and the sound of sharp swords tearing through the air echoed, arriving instantly.

A white-robed cultivator stood in midair with a long sword behind his back.

His long hair fluttered and he had a prideful expression.

His gaze was sharp as a sword and he exuded an indescribable razor-edged aura!

It was a Dharma Characteristic from Sword Sect!

“This man isnt simple either,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fires voice sounded.

Su Zimo nodded.

The fact that the three of them dared to venture deep into the Thousand Demon Valley was proof that their courage and boldness was unmatched by ordinary men!

The Dao Lord of Sword Sect pointed to the ball of light in midair and said indifferently, “That item belongs to us humans and now, I want to take it away.

Which of you wants to stand in my way”

His statement was extremely unreasonable and arrogant, as though he looked down on all the demons in the Thousand Demon Valley completely.

“I do, what about it!”

A high-level fiend demon of Silvermoon Valley stood out and his gigantic wolf body streaked through the void.

He glared keenly at the Dao Lord of Sword Sect with olive-green eyes that were filled with sharp killing intent.

“Whoever stands in my way shall die!”

The Dao Lord of Sword Sect spoke slowly.

Before he completed his sentence, he withdrew his sword.

Thereafter, a frightening sword light surfaced and tore through the layers of void, descending upon the head of the fiend demon from Silvermoon Valley instantly!

Everywhere the sword qi passed by, the lifeforce in the air seemed to be reaped!

“Lifeless Sword Art!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire exclaimed softly.


Before that fiend demon of Silvermoon Valley could make any move, his glabella was penetrated by the sword light and his lifeforce was drained rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, his entire body withered!

A high-level fiend demon was killed instantly by a sword strike!

Su Zimo felt his scalp prickle at the sight of that.

Although he was only watching from afar, he could not muster any form of resistance against that sword strike.

All of his trump cards seemed insignificant in the face of that sword strike!

The power of the Divine Phoenix Bone was probably the only thing in his possession that could defend against that sword strike.

However, Su Zimo knew extremely well that the sword strike could kill him before he could bring out his Divine Phoenix Bone!

“Lifeless Sword Art.

A single sword strike that could annihilate all lifeforce.

That is truly an incredible sword strike!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said slowly, “Legend has it that the Founder Master of Sword Sect once obtained one section of the three great ancient sword arts.

The Lifeless Sword Art was derived from that single section of the ancient sword art!”

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