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Chapter 882: Demon Sealing Diagram

In the voids.

The battle dragged on with intense relentlessness!

During this short period of time, more than a hundred high-level fiend demons have already fallen!

The six Overlords were truly enraged by now.

Apart from the fact that the three Dao Lords were truly supreme paragons of the human race, a large part of why they were being restrained was because they had just fought among themselves earlier on.

Their stamina and combat strength depleted significantly as they fought against the three Dao Lords.

However, they no longer had a way back!

If the six Overlords allowed themselves to be defeated with the unknown treasure stolen by three Dao Lords who ventured deep into the Thousand Demon Valley, the Thousand Demon Valley was going to end up as the biggest joke in Tianhuang Mainland!

The three Dao Lords would definitely rise to extreme fame because of this battle as well!


The old ape reared his head and howled, circulating his bloodline to its fullest extent.

He shrugged his tall and massive body, causing frost to rain down endlessly.


The old ape stomped with one foot and cracks appeared one after another through the initially frozen voids, extending rapidly!


He rose and swung Imminent violently onto the voids in front of him.

A blinding golden radiance descended instantly!


The frost in the voids shattered completely and countless high-level fiend demons struggled to break free.

All of them trembled and panted heavily.

The faces of these demons had already turned blue from the coldness of the frost during this short period of time!

If the condition persisted slightly longer, their Essence Spirits would have frozen up and they would have fallen completely, unable to break free for all eternity!

Although their cultivation realms were similar, the difference between them and the three Dao Lords was way too great!

The temperature on the battlefield was still shockingly cold!

Apart from the six Overlords, the other high-level fiend demons were already feeling fearful and did not dare to advance.


The Overlord of Golden Flames Mountain opened his mouth and spewed a ball of golden flames that surged towards the shattered frost on the battlefield.

At the same time, he bit his tongue gently and spat out a stream of essence blood that splashed onto the golden flames.

The flames intensified and became a golden sea of fire that burned into the heavens!

Countless frost shards turned into mist and the entire battlefield was filled with fog.

Suddenly, two rainbow-colored rays of light shot out from the eyes of the Overlord of Vermilion Cloud Valley and surged into Dao Lord Cloud Rains folding fan!

The Dharmic weapons of the few Overlords descended at the same time.

They smashed Dao Lord Cloud Rains folding fan and its glow dimmed.

The Overlords of Six Silvermoon Valley, Thousand Snake Island and Confusion Mist Swamp attacked with their full strength.

Their demonic arts pushed against the Six Desires Palm Strike and everything dispersed before long.

In the blink of an eye, the methods of Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Fairy Snowdrift were dispelled entirely!

Both their expressions seemed to have turned paler.

It was as though fighting against so many demons and six Overlords head-on had taken an immense toll on them and they could barely hang on.

On the other side.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword arrived in front of the ball of light but he did not dare to advance recklessly.

The glow that surrounded the gigantic ball of light was created by the sword qi of the Heaven Slaying Sword Art and was extremely sharp – even he did not dare to take it on with his body!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword narrowed his eyes and his hands shifted continuously to conjure Dharmic arts.

In midair, a gigantic heavenly-thrusting sword sliced down viciously against the ball of light!


An earthshaking explosion was released when the gigantic sword struck the ball of light!

The ball of light quivered, as though it was impacted, and released waves of sword qi.

The sword qi streaked wildly and sliced through the voids with a cold killing intent!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword had already retreated long ago, but he returned soon after and conjured Dharmic arts again.

Another gigantic sword sliced down!


The ball of light quivered once more and spread sword qi.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the blink of an eye, Dao Lord Immortal Sword slashed down with a third sword!

Outsiders could not sense nor could they see what he was doing.

However, with his Illumination Dragon Eye, Su Zimo was able to witness everything clearly.

Every single strike from Dao Lord Immortal Sword caused the sword qi emitted by the ball of light to weaken considerably and its glow diminished as well.

It was no longer as dazzling and blinding as though it could destroy everything like when it first appeared!

Su Zimo realized that this could be a secret skill of Su Zimo that was establishing some sort of a connection to the Heaven Slaying Sword Art.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword was attempting to subdue the Heaven Slaying Sword Art within the ball of light!

Once the glow around the ball of light dispersed completely, the Heaven Slaying Sword Art would naturally belong to Dao Lord Immortal Sword.

Perhaps once the sword qi around the ball of light was weakened to a certain degree, Dao Lord Immortal Sword would be able to barge in and obtain the Heaven Slaying Sword Art before the ball of lights glow was completely dispersed!

“Brother Immortal Sword, how is it”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain said with a hint of anxiousness in his tone.

At this moment, he was no longer as composed and laid-back as he was initially.

Although Fairy Snowdrift still looked aloof, she also looked much more battered.

The two of them were struggling to defend against the full-powered counterattacks of the six Overlords and could be suppressed at any moment!

“Fellow Daoists, hang on for a little more,”

Dao Lord Immortal Swords voice was steady and his gaze became incomparably scorching as he glared at the ball of light right before him that was turning dimmer.

He was about to get his hands on the Heaven Slaying Sword Art!

He was not going to allow any accidents!

As Dao Lord Immortal Sword looked at Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Fairy Snowdrift who were being pushed back, a cold glint flashed through his eyes.

He slapped his storage bag and withdrew a gray item before tossing it outside.

The item fluttered and hovered above the heads of the demons in midair as it spread slowly!

“The Demon Sealing Diagram! How is that treasure in his possession!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fires voice sounded in Su Zimos mind with a hint of shock.


Su Zimo asked with a voice transmission.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire replied, “That Demon Sealing Diagram is a Dharma treasure created by a Mighty Figure of the ancient era.

Although its useless against human cultivators, its extremely powerful against demons!”

Su Zimo nodded.

In other words, this was a treasure targeted at demons, similar to the Demon Revealing Mirror!

Before long, Dao Lord Extreme Fire seemed to have discovered something and exclaimed softly in an enlightened manner, “That Demon Sealing Diagram is already damaged.

Theres no wonder why hes willing to take it out.”

Su Zimo focused his gaze.

Although the Demon Sealing Diagram was called adiagram, it was made from an unknown beasts hide with some fur on it and an ancient aura.

It was obvious that a large portion of the beast hide was missing with jagged edges – an extremely powerful force must have ripped it apart!

The moment the Demon Sealing Diagram descended, a horrific might spread everywhere!

Within the battlefield, all the high-level fiend demons, the six Overlords included, seemed to be restrained by an invisible force where they could not break free!


The old ape growled deeply and was not willing to give up.

His bones cracked wildly as though his skeleton was about to fall apart!

The Overlord of Thousand Snake Island was the weakest in physique and she coughed a small mouthful of blood with a pale expression.

If this was the case for Overlords, it was even worse for the other fiend demons!

Su Zimo was alarmed and secretly dumbfounded.

If this was the strength of a damaged Dharma treasure, how powerful would a complete Demon Sealing Diagram be!

The sinister thing was that the Demon Sealing Diagram only targeted the fiend demons present.

It was clear that Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Fairy Snowdrift were unaffected by the shroud of the Demon Sealing Diagram and could finally catch a breather.

Suddenly, Dao Lord Extreme Fires voice sounded in Su Zimos mind.

There was only a single decisive word.


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