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Chapter 901: Things Have Changed

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was emotional when he heard the termgrandmaster and nodded repeatedly.

“Good child, youve cultivated to this stage as well.

Very good, well done! Hurry and get up.”

Although Dao Lord Scarlet Stars clothes were drenched in tears, he merely shook his head and knelt down.

An ominous feeling surged through Dao Lord Extreme Fire as he took a few deep breaths before asking, “Is your master, Tianxin… doing well”

Dao Being Tianxin was Dao Lord Extreme Fires eldest disciple and the only one among his seven disciples who had cultivated the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra.

After Dao Lord Extreme Fire went missing, it was all thanks to Dao Being Tianxin that the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra was passed down.

Upon hearing Dao Lord Extreme Fires question, Dao Lord Scarlet Star cried with a pained expression, “Master is already dead!”


Even though Dao Lord Extreme Fire was prepared, he let out a low cry and his eyes revealed an irreparable pain.

After a long silence, Dao Lord Extreme Fire could not help but ask, “Your martial uncles, Shi Yu, Chang Hai and Luo Ling…”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire could not continue.

Dao Lord Scarlet Star lowered his head and pursed his lips, sobbing softly with his shoulders moving.

“The few of them did not manage to advance to the Dharma Characteristic and their lifespans ended.

They have already passed away.”

Eventually, Dao Lord Scarlet Star spoke with difficulty.


At that point, Su Zimo sighed internally.

He suddenly felt pity for Dao Lord Extreme Fire.

Time was merciless.

Without reaching Dharma Characteristic realm, ones lifespan would not exceed 5,000 years.

To think that by the time Dao Lord Extreme Fire returned, all seven of his disciples were already dead.

5,000 years had gone by and the saddest thing was that things had changed.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire remained silent and closed his eyes with a sorrowful expression, as though he had aged considerably in an instant.

The figures of the seven disciples flashed through his mind.

The laughter of the seven disciples seemed to echo in his ears.

When he left, those disciples were not old and were no more than a thousand years old.

The youngest, Shi Yu, was only a little over a hundred years old.

In Dao Lord Extreme Fires eyes, he was like a child.

Yet, by the time he returned, he could no longer see them again.

Su Zimo stood silently at the side, not knowing how to console Dao Lord Extreme Fire.

This was the cruelty of the cultivation world!

Apart from the fights between cultivators, races, good and evil, immortals and fiends, time was like a knife that hung at the back of their necks.

If one were to stop on the path of cultivation, the saber would slash down!

No one was spared!

All of a sudden!

As though he thought of something, Dao Lord Extreme Fire opened his eyes and they seemed to burn with flames!

“It cant be!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire shook his head.

“Its understandable that Luo Ling, Shi Yu and the others havent cultivated the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra and havent reached the Dharma Characteristic realm.”

“However, your master Tianxin clearly cultivated the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra.

Furthermore, he was already at the perfected Void Reversion realm when I left and could step into the Dharma Characteristic realm at any moment.

How could he have passed away!”

At that point, Dao Lord Extreme Fire suddenly recalled that Dao Lord Scarlet Star had said that his master had died and not passed away!

Generally speaking, the worddie was not used to describe cultivators who had passed on peacefully!

“What happened to Tianxin” Dao Lord Extreme Fire asked slowly.

Dao Lord Scarlet Star had already stopped crying.

Clenching his fists and gritting his teeth, his eyes were filled with hatred.

“Its the Master of Hellfire Hall!”

“Who is he”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire asked, “I heard that hes a traitor of Hundred Refinement Sect”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star nodded and looked up at Dao Lord Extreme Fire with a conflicted expression.

“His Dao title is Purple Flame.

He was, was…”

“He was my senior brother,” Dao Lord Extreme Fire connected the sentence calmly.

Su Zimo was shocked.

To think that the Master of Hellfire Hall was an expert of Dao Lord Extreme Fires generation and was even his senior brother!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire asked, “What happened exactly”

“About 4,000 years ago, the Master of Hellfire Hall betrayed the sect and established his own sect, creating Hellfire Hall.”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star said, “Hes extremely ambitious.

The moment he established Hellfire Hall, he wanted to replace Hundred Refinement Sect.”

“What are the Grand Elders of the sect doing They allowed Hellfire Hall to exist till now” Dao Lord Extreme Fire frowned.

Dao Lord Scarlet Star said bitterly, “Its said that theres a super sect backing Hellfire Hall and the sect doesnt dare to act rashly.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said indifferently, “His accomplishments in weapon refinement are not inferior to mine.

Coupled with the support of a super sect, he must be developing rapidly.”

“Thats right,”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star said, “The elders of the sect saw that the rise of Hellfire Hall was inevitable and could only give up.

They just hope that the two sects can coexist peacefully.”

“However, the winds dont stop blowing even when the trees want peace.

Not only does Hellfire Hall want to replace Hundred Refinement Sect, they also want the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra!”

The flames in Dao Lord Extreme Fires eyes burned brighter.

Dao Lord Scarlet Star continued, “Master had already reached the Dharma Characteristic realm a long time ago.

However, he fell into a trap of the Master of Hellfire Hall and was captured alive.”

“He spent so much effort to whip and torment masters Essence Spirit in an attempt to force out the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra.

However, master refused to say a single word even at deaths door and his soul was ripped apart, resulting in his death!”

Su Zimo was enraged when he heard that.

That was way too vicious.

No matter what, the Master of Hellfire Hall was once a disciple of Hundred Refinement Sect.

Yet, he was so cruel to his former fellow sect mates – even ghosts wouldnt be able to tolerate his behavior!

“Senior Brother Purple Flames, when my body recovers, Ill definitely pay you a visit and retrieve your soul to refine it in front of my disciples grave for three days and nights!”

The flames in Dao Lord Extreme Fires eyes burned brightly as though they were two gigantic fireballs that wanted to incinerate all living beings in the world with torrential killing intent!

“Grandmaster, dont be rash.”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star said hurriedly, “The Master of Hellfire Hall is no longer the same as before.

He has long entered the Conjoint Body realm.

Dont take the risk, grandmaster!”

Above the Dharma Characteristic realm was the Conjoint Body realm and could be considered as a mighty figure!

It was an omnipotent intent!

In the past 5,000 years, Dao Lord Extreme Fire had struggled between life and death.

It was already extremely fortunate that he was still alive.

However, the cultivation of the Master of Hellfire Hall did not fall.

Instead, his cultivation improved day by day and he had already attained the title of a Mighty Figure!

The gap between them had already widened.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was not afraid at all and merely sneered.

“A Conjoint Body Mighty Figure Very well.

If he was still a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord, it would be boring even if I killed him!”

Su Zimos eyelids twitched when he heard that bold statement.

Dao Lord Scarlet Star could not help but ask, “Grandmaster, where have you been all these years Your body…”

“Its a long story,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “My body has already been destroyed.

The reason why Ive returned is to reconstruct my body!”

“Dont worry, grandmaster.”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star clearly had some understanding of the ancient technique of forging a body as well.

He hurriedly said, “The sect has quite a number of top-grade materials for forging bones.

If you need anything else, Ill definitely do my best to get it for you!”

“Grandmaster, please hurry back to the sect with me.”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star continued, “If those old fogeys in the sect knew that you were still alive, they would definitely faint from laughter.”

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