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Chapter 909: Lava Crystal

Nangong Ling seemed to be from an extraordinary background and was filled with pride from the depths of his bones.

Furthermore, he could be considered as a paragon and was prideful by nature – Su Zimo rarely saw him reveal such an expression.

Su Zimo smiled gently.

“Seems like you truly admire this Jian Wuzong.”


Nangong Ling harrumphed when he heard that.

“Jian Wuzong, third on the Phenomenon Ranking, comprehended the strongest phenomenon of Sword Dao, All Swords United!”

“All swords must submit to this phenomenon!”

When he heard that, Su Zimo was slightly stunned as he recalled an old friend.

His old friend had also comprehended the Golden Core phenomenon, All Swords United, during the Phenomenon Ranking competition a hundred years ago and defeated the paragon of Sword Sect at that time, Hang Qiuyu, shocking the world.

Dugu Jian!

Although Su Zimo said that it was an old friend, he was not familiar with this person.

Or rather, it was as though no one in this world was familiar with him.

This person exuded a loneliness that was isolated from the world.

It was as though he only had the supreme Sword Dao in his heart!

His eyes were empty and blank.

Only when he drew his sword would his eyes shine with an unparalleled brilliance!

Su Zimo had a good impression of this person.

It was not only because Dugu Jian had helped him before.

More than that, back in Myriad Phenomenon City, even Nascent Souls had to avoid the slaughter of the Rakshasa and God race.

Yet, Dugu Jian stood out!

He feared nothing!

That was the true spirit of Sword Dao!

He would rather break than bend and press forward!

Dugu Jian was the first sword cultivator that Su Zimo had encountered who was true to the Sword Dao.

Naturally, Nangong Ling did not know what Su Zimo was thinking at that moment.

He merely thought that Su Zimo did not understand the terror of All Swords United.

Nangong Ling continued, “If you dont understand, let me put it more simply! In the face of Jian Wuzong, the combat strength of all sword cultivators will be reduced!”

“The might of all the sword techniques that attack Jian Wuzong will decrease!”

“All swords will bow down! Jian Wuzong is the king of the Dao of the sword!”


Su Zimo was not interested in Jian Wuzong and replied in a patronizing manner.

Nangong Ling was naturally angry when he saw Su Zimos casual attitude.

He pouted.

“Some people naturally cant understand the shock of the fight for the Phenomenon Ranking and the resplendent scene of paragons clashing since they had never witnessed it personally!”

“Senior Brother Nangong, thats enough!”

Ru Xuan could not take it anymore and frowned slightly.

“Little Uncle-Master, dont lower yourself to his level.

Senior Brother Nangong has no ill intentions.”

Su Zimo smiled indifferently and continued to comprehend the sword art with the ancient book in his hands.

At the side, Liu Hanyan came to a stall and stood there for a long time, as though she had discovered something.

The owner of the stall was also a Nascent Soul cultivator but he did not seem to have much lifespan left.

There were many random items in the stall and everything was messy.

With a casual glance, Su Zimo saw that there was nothing of value in the stall.

His gaze shifted to a black stone and his heart skipped a beat.

At that moment, he had just finished reading the Heaven Slaying Sword Art and the Illumination Stone appeared in his right eye, turning it completely white – it allowed him to see unusual things.

Although the black stone looked like a lava ore on the surface, there was an egg-sized scarlet crystal within!

Lava Crystal!

It was a top-grade treasure!

In the depths of the lava cave, flames burned endlessly.

These crystals could only take form after 10,000 years of nurturing and the power of Heaven and Earth they possessed was rich and pure!

Most importantly, the Lava Crystal possessed immense fire-element Dharmic powers and was one of the materials required for Dao Lord Extreme Fire to reconstruct his body!

To think that they would actually bump into a treasure on this trip.

“Fellow Daoist, how much is this flying sword”

Liu Hanyan squatted down and pointed to a flying sword with two Dharmic patterns on the stall, asking softly.

“Whats so good about this flying sword Its a middle-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon and the defective products that we failed in weapon refinement are all of this grade.”

Nangong Ling frowned and murmured.

The stall owner was expressionless and coughed a few times before saying slowly, “I only want elixirs that can increase my lifespan.

I dont want anything else!”


Nangong Ling sneered when he heard that and could not help but mock, “Fellow Daoist, elixirs that can increase ones lifespan in the cultivation world are extremely precious and rare.

You cant even exchange for a single elixir with all these rubbish.

Give up!”

Normally speaking, the items in the stall were indeed worthless.

Apart from the Lava Crystal!

However, Liu Hanyan did not leave.

She continued to pick and choose, seemingly casually passing the black stone over as well before saying, “Ill use a Spirit Longevity Pill to exchange for all of these.”


Ru Xuan could not help but tug at Liu Hanyans sleeves and send a voice transmission.

“Senior Sister, this will be a loss!”

Although the Spirit Longevity Pill could only extend ones lifespan by 50 years, it was already quite rare.

Su Zimo stood silently without saying anything.

Liu Hanyan seemed to have noticed that the black stone was extraordinary as well and decided to buy it.

The stall owner froze for a moment and stared at Liu Hanyan hesitantly.

To be able to cultivate to this realm with their lifespans almost depleted, all of them were sharp and experienced.

At that moment, he could vaguely sense that there seemed to be a treasure in his stall.

However, when Liu Hanyan took out the Spirit Longevity Pill, his body shuddered from the vibrant lifeforce exuded by it.

The stall owner hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth.

“Ill trade!”

With that, he snatched the Spirit Longevity Pill and pushed the items in front of Liu Hanyan.

Su Zimo was relieved when he saw that.

As long as the seller accepted the Spirit Longevity Pill, he could not go back on his words – this was a tacit agreement in the cultivation world.

“Hold on!”

Right then, an eagle-eyed cultivator with a cold expression squeezed in and grabbed the stall owners wrist.

“Ill give you two Spirit Longevity Pills for this stone!”

The eagle-eyed cultivator was pointing at the black stone that contained the Lava Crystal!


The stall owner was troubled.

Under normal circumstances, the transaction was already complete since he accepted Liu Hanyans Spirit Longevity Pill.

However, he did not expect someone to bid for two Spirit Longevity Pills!

At that moment, Nangong Ling snapped out of his stupor as well.

He strode forward and stood before the eagle-eyed cultivator, asking coldly, “Why Youre trying to go against the rules”

Liu Hanyan put the black stone into her storage bag hurriedly.

The eagle-eyed cultivator narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Kid, youre only at early-stage Nascent Soul realm.

Youd better restrain yourself or youll die prematurely!”

The eagle-eyed cultivator was only confident because he was a perfected Nascent Soul.


Nangong Ling was so angry that he laughed instead.

He released his aura and said loudly, “Alright, Ill see what youve got today!”

“Theyre fighting! Theyre fighting!”

“Theres no doubt about a fight between an early-stage and a perfected Nascent Soul.”

“Nangong Ling, hes ranked 83 on the Phenomenon Ranking.

Its hard to say who will win.

Furthermore, hes backed by one of the four unorthodox groups, Hundred Refinement Sect!”

Many cultivators gathered over.

Listening to the discussions around him, the eagle-eyed cultivator glanced at the sect emblem on Nangong Lings robes with a wary expression.

After a moment of silence, the eagle-eyed cultivator did not dare to attack in the end.

Gritting his teeth, he turned and left, looking at Nangong Ling with resentment before disappearing into the crowd.

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