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Chapter 915: Train For Five Hundred Years More!

It was forceful!

It was shocking!

Third on the Phenomenon Ranking, Jian Wuzong, the most outstanding successor of Sword Sect, could not even draw his sword in a fight!

If news of this were to spread, it would definitely cause an uproar!

Nangong Lings mind was in a mess.

If he had not witnessed it personally, he truly could not imagine that Jian Wuzong would be defeated so thoroughly!

Under normal circumstances, any sword cultivator would be suppressed by the All Swords United phenomenon that Jian Wuzong cultivated!

However, this battle seemed to be the opposite.

In front of Little Uncle-Master, Jian Wuzong was like a child who was beaten up senselessly without the ability to even withdraw his sword!

“What a strong physique and melee combat capabilities!”

Wu Tianyu looked at the two people fighting on the long street and murmured softly.

On the long street, Jian Wuzong retreated continuously.

There was no longer any pride and composure on his face.

Instead, it was replaced with panic.

He was completely helpless!

“Jian Wuzong was defeated”

Many cultivators watched in disbelief.

Although the Phenomenon Ranking was a ranking for the strength of Golden Cores, cultivators that could be ranked on the ranking should not be too weak after entering Nascent Soul realm!

No one expected Jian Wuzong, the third on the Phenomenon Ranking, to lose to an unknown green-robed cultivator!

Furthermore, as a sword cultivator, he had not released his sword the entire time!

This was a humiliation for sword cultivators!

“Thief, dont be cocky!”

“Save senior brother!”

The dozens of Sword Sect cultivators watching from the sidelines could no longer care about anything else and attacked when they saw Jian Wuzong in such a state!

Hum! Hum! Hum!

Streaks of sword light shone resplendently as sword qi rampaged with a sharp edge, forming an impenetrable sword net that enveloped Su Zimo!

“What are you guys doing Dont you have any shame bullying in numbers!”

Ru Xuan could not help but shout.

Without hesitation, Nangong Ling and Liu Hanyan summoned their Dharmic weapons and formed hand seals right away, prepared to help Su Zimo.


Right then, the sound of a sword being unsheathed echoed through the world!

An incomparably stunning sword beam appeared on the long street.

It was white and blinding as it tore through the void!

The sword on his Jian Wuzongs back was pulled out!

The sword was long and sharp with a chilling aura.

Six Dharmic patterns shone on its body in a blinding manner – it was a connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon!

It was only normal for someone ranked third on the Phenomenon Ranking and the successor of Sword Sect to possess a connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon!

The Dharmic sword had a strong background and was known as the Startling Dharmic Sword – it was Jian Wuzongs Destiny Dharmic Weapon and was also his prize as the third of the Phenomenon Ranking!

The cultivators were moved.

To think that the sword would be unsheathed at the final moment!

Everyone knew that sword cultivators were on completely different levels when they wielded their swords and bare hands!

“If Jian Wuzong wields his sword, that green-robed man will be in danger.”

“Yes, Jian Wuzongs swordsmanship is sharp and he possesses the legacy of Sword Sect… hmm Something isnt right!”

The persons eyes widened and he suddenly could not continue.

Many cultivators noticed something amiss as well.

Nangong Ling looked over and could not help but feel shocked as disbelief surged in his eyes!

The Startling Dharmic Sword was not in Jian Wuzongs hands at all.

However, it was in Little Uncle-Masters hands!

The person who pulled out the Startling Dharmic Sword was not Jian Wuzong but Su Zimo!

Not only did Su Zimo wallop Jian Wuzong till the latter could not withdraw his sword, he even snatched away the latters sword!

Right then, the net of sword qi released by the dozens of sword cultivators from Sword Sect had already descended.

The cold qi was bone-piercing, as though it was slicing the void into pieces!

Wielding the Startling Sword, Su Zimo roared and slashed with his backhand!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The sword actually produced the sound of tsunamis!

Su Zimo slashed out the Intent of Raging Tides from the Sea Calming Manual with his sword!

Dharmic powers surged in midair and the sword beam was piercingly cold, as though it was a tsunami that collided heavily against the sword net!

Instantly, the dozens of sword cultivators had an illusion that they were in a raging sea and could be drowned at any moment!

They were not the only ones.

Even the surrounding cultivators felt as though they were in the middle of a tsunami, swaying and spinning!

In the deep and turbulent ocean, every cultivator felt incomparably tiny.

This was the true power of heaven and earth!

Wu Tianyu closed his eyes hurriedly and calmed his mind repeatedly to condense his Essence Spirit – that feeling gradually dissipated.

“What a strong sword intent!”

The Soaring Feather Sect cultivator at the side was shocked and his face was pale.

Wu Tianyu opened his eyes slowly and frowned slightly.

With a strange expression, he murmured softly, “Sword intent, huh…”

For some unknown reason, he felt that the sword intent was a little strange.

It was as though it lacked some of the sharpness of the Sword Dao and was instead thicker!

Cling! Clang!

The sound of metal clashing echoed through the battlefield!

The sword net shattered!

All the sword lights dissipated in an instant and the world returned to peace.

Nangong Ling and Liu Hanyan stopped in their tracks and quietly dispersed their hand seals.

That was because it was no longer necessary.

Victory was decided with a single slash!

More than ten sword cultivators fell to the ground not far away with grim expressions.

The swords in their hands were all broken and their tips were scattered all over the ground.

Some of the sword cultivators had their purlicues ruptured and fresh blood flowed.

Their swords were all thrown to the side as they were unable to maintain their grips on the swords any longer.

The grades of those swords were not low either.

They were either superior-grade or supreme-grade Dharmic weapons.

But now, they were all crippled and reduced to scrap metal!

The entire process seemed simple and was merely a single slash.

However, Su Zimos powerful physique, coupled with his connate Startling Dharmic Sword and his powerful saber intent was the reason why he could achieve such an effect!

The tall figure was the only one left standing on the long street.

His black hair fluttered and he wore an upright green robe.

He wielded a long sword with an indifferent expression.

Su Zimo raised the sword in his hand and flicked it gently.

The sword quivered and let out a hum that was clear and resounding.

“Good sword.”

Su Zimo praised and said unquestionably, “Its mine now.”

As he said that, he kept the Startling Dharmic Sword in his storage bag and headed out of the city.

Nangong Ling and the other two were stunned for a moment before following hurriedly.

This time round, no one in Wind Cloud City dared to stand in Su Zimos way!

Jian Wuzong had an indignant expression as he looked at Su Zimos back view.

Gritting his teeth, he said, “Do you dare to return the Startling Dharmic Sword to me Lets fight again! As long as I have the sword, I…”

Before Jian Wuzong could finish his sentence, his clothes exploded into pieces that scattered on the ground.


The next moment, a commotion broke out among the crowd!

“What are you guys doing!”

Jian Wuzong surveyed his surroundings and realized that all the cultivators were staring at him with complicated gazes containing shock, surprise, pity and mockery…

“What are you guys looking at!”

Jian Wuzong roared again with bloodshot eyes and a menacing expression.

“Senior Brother, your… your chest…”

One of the Sword Sect cultivators pointed at Jian Wuzongs chest with a trembling voice and a horrified expression.

Jian Wuzong lowered his head.

Unknowingly, his chest was slashed by something and he was drenched in blood.

There were six words written in blood – train for five hundred years more!

Jian Wuzong felt chills run down his spine and his limbs went cold.

Those words must have been written on his chest by the green-robed man during their fight earlier on!

This meant that he would have died countless times if the green-robed man wanted to kill him!

However, those words were even worse than killing him!

Every word struck his heart!


Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Jian Wuzong was enraged from the blow and spat out a mouthful of blood before fainting on the spot.

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