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Chapter 945: Success


Ming Han laughed coldly.

Although Su Zimo did not make any major mistakes in his weapon refinement steps, in the eyes of an experienced Great Weapon Refinement Master like Ming Han, he looked extremely amateurish in his actions.

Ming Han stood by the side with his arms crossed.

He was in no hurry at all, waiting to see Su Zimo make a fool of himself.

According to his predictions, Su Zimo would only be able to create three Dharmic patterns at most!

If his luck was bad, he might not even be able to condense a single Dharmic pattern!

Su Zimo continued his weapon refinement as though no one was around.

Under normal circumstances, at the forging step, the spirit materials within should have already melted into a molten form, burning scarlet like lava.

However, the Illumination Stone in Su Zimos Weapon Tripod was still the same.

Only, under the control of Su Zimos spirit consciousness, the Illumination Stone gradually separated into 36 stones that were the size of a water droplet.

In his mind, one of the water droplets gradually transformed into the shape of a thin, exquisite flying sword.

Thereafter, Su Zimos lips curled and a smile appeared in his eyes.

With a thought of his spirit consciousness, a pattern appeared on the body of the flying sword, looking like a Dharmic pattern.

His spirit consciousness moved and another pattern appeared on the sword.

Those patterns were not condensed on the sword with Dharmic powers but etched onto the swords body!

Although it was a fake Dharmic pattern, it looked no different from the real one!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

In the blink of an eye, six patterns appeared on the sword!

If Su Zimo wanted to, he could even create seven or eight Dharmic patterns, let alone six – everything could be decided with a single thought.

Of course, if he created seven or eight patterns, he would be exposed instantly.

Typically speaking, the process of forging required a relatively short period of time unless it was an extremely complicated form.

However, it was different for Su Zimo.

He had spent an extremely long time in the forging step.

Not only did he have to create a total of 36 flying swords, he also had to ensure that there was no deviation in the size, shape and location of the patterns on the 36 flying swords.

That was an extremely draining task.

“Even the forging of a flying sword takes so long.

Seems like this person isnt that capable.”

“Fufu, now Im even looking forward to see what sort ofspectacular feat he is going to produce in the tempering and spirit gathering step.”

Many cultivators could not see through the Weapon Tripod with their eyes and their spirit consciousnesses were isolated, so they naturally did not know what was happening inside.

If anyone could see the situation inside the Weapon Tripod, their eyeballs would pop out of their sockets!

After a long time, Su Zimo finally completed his forging step.

The most interesting part of the entire weapon refinement process was tempering and spirit gathering.

Many cultivators became impatient a long time ago when the forging step took close to two hours to complete.

Next was tempering.

Hundred Refinement Sect had a specialized secret tempering technique, Thousand Tempered Finger.

Back then, Dao Lord Extreme Fire merely imparted a little bit of knowledge to him.

It was only three months ago that he imparted all the profoundness of the Thousand Tempered Finger.

This was Su Zimos first time executing this secret skill.

Naturally, the tempering process looked incomparably amateurish.

Everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect either lowered their heads or glanced sideways, embarrassed to watch.

His tempering method was way too crude!

Su Zimo did not mind at all.

He pretended to temper for a long time before beginning on spirit gathering.

Many cultivators perked up and waited to watch the show.

It was easy for all sorts of trouble to occur during the spirit gathering stage.

If the spirit gathering step failed and the Weapon Refinement Masters weapon that was being refined exploded, it would take a huge toll on the Weapon Refinement Masters mental state.

Coupled with the unexpected change of events that might lead to a reverse flow of qi into their hearts, many of them would faint on the spot.

Many of them would be severely injured as well – that was the same thing that happened to Liu Hanyan.

Ru Xuan prayed silently, “The explosion of the flying sword is inevitable.

I only hope that the heavens will bless Little Granduncle-Master so that he will be fine.”


Before long, a beam of light shone from the Weapon Tripod.

Everyone was stunned.

A Dharmic pattern was formed

Ming Hans expression was calm.

It was normal for a Dharmic pattern to be condensed – there was nothing to be alarmed about.

Not long after.

A second light flashed.

This meant that two Dharmic patterns were already formed!

No one could see what was happening within the Weapon Tripod.

In reality, it was silent within the Weapon Tripod and Su Zimo was not condensing any Dharmic patterns.

Given his Nascent Soul realm cultivation, it was extremely easy for him to create some light tricks from within the Weapon Tripod.

Dao Lord Lan Yue frowned slightly.

She felt that something was amiss.

However, although she was the master of a sect, she could not use her spirit consciousness to check on the situation inside while others were refining weapons.

That would be a taboo for Weapon Refinement Masters!

In reality, if there was a seasoned Weapon Refinement Grandmaster present, Su Zimos tricks wouldnt have been able to deceive the formers rich experience.

Unfortunately, there were no Weapon Refinement Grandmasters at the Thousand Crane Tea Party!


Before long, a third light flashed.


This time round, even Ming Han exclaimed softly.

Of course, he was not nervous.

The further one progressed in spirit gathering, the more difficult it would be and the lower the chances of success!

At least half of the Weapon Refinement Masters present could condense three Dharmic patterns!

While he was pondering, a fourth light flashed.

Four Dharmic patterns!

This time round, even the crowd was stirred.

Many cultivators were no longer looking down on him.

No matter what, any Weapon Refinement Master that could refine a supreme-grade Dharmic weapon with four Dharmic patterns would be considered skillful.

A moment later, a fifth light burst forth!

This time round, the crowd was in an uproar!

Even the people of Hundred Refinement Sect widened their eyes in disbelief.

Nangong Ling and the other two were dumbfounded.

They could not believe that their Little Granduncle-Master who did not have a Weapon Tripod of his own and possessed amateurish weapon refinement techniques could create a perfect-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon using a battered Weapon Tripod!

Ming Han frowned deeply.

He could sense that something was amiss as well but he could not pinpoint the exact reason.

Furthermore, he could already feel the pressure!

“Could this Mo Ling really create a connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon”

Ming Han narrowed his gaze at Su Zimo and pondered.

An unknown period of time passed.


A bedazzling light burst forth from the Weapon Tripod once more as Dharmic powers surged and filled the void!


A series of exclamations broke out from the crowd.

The sixth Dharmic pattern lit up and the crowd was shocked!

“Thats impossible!”

Ming Hans expression darkened as he grit his teeth.

“Theres no way its that easy creating six Dharmic patterns! I refuse to believe it!”

Ming Han was not the only one who did not believe it.

Most of the cultivators present, including those of Hundred Refinement Sect, could not believe it and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Without giving the crowd much time to react, Su Zimo poured the cold water he prepared into the Weapon Tripod.


Green smoke billowed.

The quenching was complete.

In reality, quenching was done by placing a flying sword that was burned scarlet into cold water.

However, nothing happened to the Illumination Stone despite it being burned by the immortal Dao fire.

If he were to take out the flying sword, he would be exposed right away.

Since the Weapon Tripod was burning hot, sizzling sounds would definitely be produced when cold water was poured within.

When the cultivators present saw that, they merely thought that this mans quenching technique was indeed unique and did not think too much about it.


Finally, it was time to see the truth.

Looking at the flustered Ming Han not far away, Su Zimo smiled gently.

If no one noticed anything amiss by this point, Ming Han would be the next to suffer!

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