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Chapter 952: Who Are You!

On the battlefield.

It only took a single moment for Su Zimo to snatch the sword and release the Heaven Slaying Sword Art.

At the same time, the attacks of the eight maidservants had already arrived!

The first to arrive was Ye Yis flute.

The mournful sound of the flute could disrupt the minds of cultivators and even affect their Essence Spirits!

However, it was a pity that Su Zimo cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and his seven orifices were incomparably strong – the sound of the flute could not affect his mind at all!

As for affecting his Essence Spirit, that was even more impossible!

The sound of the flute could not even penetrate the layer of defense set up by the Mingwang Prayer Beads!

Immediately after, a violent gust of wind swept over.

If it was a cultivator with a weaker physique, they would have been swept up by the gust of wind or staggered and swayed.

However, it was a pity that Su Zimos physique was strong and he stood firmly on the ground as though he was rooted!

Ye Sis petals flew over with the wind.

The other five maidservants had also closed in!

Right then, Su Zimo had just snatched the sword from Jian Wuzongs hands.

Turning around, he twisted his wrist and the sword vibrated!

He snatched the sword, counterattacked and spun to slash with the sword in one single motion!


Waving the sword in his hand, Su Zimo slashed viciously at the void before him!

The sword slashed down and a tsunami sound could be heard!

Right after, a boundless ocean seemed to appear before the eyes of many cultivators.

At the center of the sea, waves surged and spun endlessly, forming a gigantic vortex that rumbled with a terrifying might!

The entire space seemed to have been distorted by the terrifying vortex!

Using his sword as a saber, Su Zimo released Vortex of the Sea Calming Manual!


“What a strong sword intent!”

“What sort of sword technique is this It seems to be lacking in the sharpness of the Dao of the sword.

Instead, it seems more dignified”

A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd.

There were three levels to Sword Dao.

Technique, force and intent.

Sword techniques were the most superficial and sword forces required one to comprehend some of the aura of the sword techniques.

Before the Nascent Soul realm, cultivators could at most comprehend the level of force.

That was because the final layer of sword intent required the Essence Spirit to channel Dharmic powers and evolve the intent of the technique!

The might of a top-notch sword intent was not weaker than Dharmic arts.

Furthermore, be it sword or saber intent, the might of the sword technique would increase immensely after it was released and could affect a cultivators mind!

Right now, it was as though many cultivators were witnessing a massive ocean vortex!

When he saw that, Hang Qiuyus eyes widened and he shuddered.

As though he thought of something, a look of realization flashed through his eyes, followed by shock and finally fear!

“Sword Intent”

Listening to the discussions in the crowd, Hang Qiuyu wanted to laugh but could not.

The first stance of the Sea Calming Manual focused on defense.

Space distorted with a single slash!

Although Su Zimo slashed out the saber technique with a sword, the intent was the same and the power was shocking!

The incoming petals were sucked into the vortex, as though they had lost their direction and were flowing along with the current.

The other five maidservants had just charged forward when their movement techniques came to a stop and they were almost dragged away!

Ye Jius gaze was sinister as she charged forward despite the pressure and waved her hand!

A dense mass of silver needles burst forth from her sleeves.

Before they even arrived, they emitted a pungent stench!


It was a familiar move that was identical to the methods of Poison Sect cultivators!

Sneering internally, Su Zimo took a deep breath of air.

Just as the poison needles were about to reach his face, he suddenly opened his mouth and roared!


Thunderclap Kill!


The voice sounded like thunder in the ears of the eight maidservants!

The first to suffer was Ye Yi who played the flute!

The sound of the flute was interrupted instantly.

Ye Yi grunted and her face turned pale instantly.

Cracks appeared on her flute – it was clearly crippled!

Furthermore, Su Zimos roar was released with the power of his lungs and a massive air current gushed out from his mouth!

The poison needles were blown away by Su Zimos breath!

Immediately after, a series of peerless sword beams followed.

Ripples seemed to ripple through the void towards Ye Er, Ye San and the other maidservants.

Sea Calming Manual, Ripple stance.

Similarly, he released his saber intent with his sword.

The sword beam was cold as it sliced through Ye Er and Ye Sans throats.

Both of their minds went blank from the shock of Thunderclap Kill and were stunned on the spot.

By the time they came to their senses, they found themselves spinning and rising into the air.

They could see their own corpses!

Their corpses were headless!

Two gigantic heads were beheaded by Su Zimo!

Ye Ba and Ye Jiu were the closest to Su Zimo.

The impact of Thunderclap Kill was the strongest as well!

Blood oozed from their nostrils, ears, mouths and eyes.

They were bleeding from all orifices!

The two of them fell stiffly to the ground and two more heads flew up before they could even touch the ground!

In the blink of an eye, Ye Liu was the only one left among the five people who had rushed forward.

Her body was the strongest among the five of them and that was the reason why she was able to hold out for so long.

“You… ”

However, the moment she said a single word, Su Zimo had already walked over and slashed with his sword without giving her any chance!


That sword strike created a tsunami!

Ye Liu was sent flying by the sword strike the moment she raised her curved saber.

Su Zimo severed her head casually.

Of the eight maidservants, only three remained!

“The three of you, dont leave either!”

Su Zimo advanced with his sword and wherever his sword passed, ripples would appear.

The three of them were engulfed by the ripples and it was impossible for them to escape!

Cling! Clang!

Both parties had only exchanged three to four blows.

Three heads that were spewing blood flew into the air and fell into the dust.

There were many Nascent Souls that attacked Su Zimo, but the eight maidservants suffered the most tragic outcome!

It was like karma.

Initially, it was one of the maidservants who took action and beheaded a Nascent Soul.

She was unreasonable and no one dared to reply.

But now, their fates had turned out like this!

“Its said that sword cultivators are ruthless and decisive in killing.

Now that Im seeing it personally, they truly live up to their reputation.”

“That Mo Ling is way too ruthless.

He doesnt know how to be tender towards women at all.”

The crowd was speechless.

“Who are you”

Right then, a voice sounded from the side, seemingly questioning but suppressing something – the persons voice was quivering.

Hang Qiuyu glared at Su Zimo fixedly and his arm that was gripping his sword trembled slightly as he asked again, “Who are you!”

He could tell that it was not sword intent but saber intent!

Apart from the successor of Divine Phoenix Island, there was only a single person in Tianhuang Mainland who knew about that saber intent!

“Patron, may I know who taught you the Daming True Sutra Please reply!”

Void Reversion monks of Wisdom, Hollow and Formless Monasteries stood out at the same time and asked loudly with unfriendly expressions.


Suddenly, Ye Tiancheng laughed and said darkly, “Do you think that you can fool everyone by using a sword as a saber and displaying saber intent”

He was the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking, the number one Perfected Lord of the Middle Continent.

Naturally, Su Zimos methods could not be hidden from him!

Right then, Dao Lord Lan Yue stood up slowly and a suppressive might descended.

“Youve hidden your true appearance! Who are you exactly How dare you disguise yourself at the Thousand Crane Tea Party!”

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