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Chapter 967: Uncle-Master, Im Late

Dao Lord Lan Yue was expressionless.

There were so many people who died at the Thousand Crane Tea Party this time round and each of them was more influential than the last.

Even seven of the Void Reversions died – there was no way she could escape responsibility!

If this was not handled right, Thousand Crane Sect would definitely be implicated!

However, Thousand Crane Sect was indeed indebted to Su Zimo.

If she were to kill Su Zimo here right now, Thousand Crane Sect would definitely be labeled as ungrateful and incur countless criticism!

After pondering for a long time, Dao Lord Lan Yue made up her mind.

“Su Zimo, if not for the fact that youve done Thousand Crane Sect a favor in the past, Ill definitely kill you right here today!”

Dao Lord Lan Yues voice was cold.

However, Leng Rou, Little Fatty and the others were delighted when they heard that.

From what she said, it seemed like Dao Lord Lan Yue was not going to lay her hands on Su Zimo.

Pausing for a moment, Dao Lord Lan Yue changed the topic.

“However, youve caused a calamity today.

Even Thousand Crane Sect cant protect you!”

“I reminded you repeatedly to restrain your sharpness but you refused to listen.

You cant blame others.”

Su Zimos eyes flashed with mockery as he said indifferently, “Theres no need to beat around the bush, sect master.

Just speak your mind.”

Dao Lord Lan Yue took a deep breath and said calmly, “I wont kill you, but you cant leave Thousand Crane Sect either.

Stay here as a guest.”

A commotion broke out in the crowd.

“Thats a heartless move!”

“Thats way too ruthless! Although she did not attack Su Zimo on the surface, hes still going to die once the Dharma Characteristic experts of Chaos Essence Sect, Sword Sect and Heavenly Dipper Sect arrive! Su Zimo wont be able to escape death if hes held back in this place!”

“With that, Thousand Crane Sect will be accountable to Chaos Essence Sect and the other immortal sects.

Furthermore, the most important thing is that Dao Lord Lan Yue did not attack Su Zimo and will not be labeled as ungrateful.”

“Shes using a borrowed knife to kill him!”

None of the cultivators present were fools to be able to cultivate to the Nascent Soul realm.

They quickly understood what Dao Lord Lan Yue was thinking and discussed softly.


Su Zimo chuckled and asked instead, “Why You want to detain me in Thousand Crane Sect”

“Junior, dont be ungrateful.”

Dao Lord Lan Yue said indifferently, “As the sect master, Im cordially inviting you to stay in Thousand Crane Sect for a few days.”

“Furthermore, youre best friends with Leng Rou.

Since you havent seen each other for a hundred years, you must have a lot to say.

Ill grant you your wish.”


“Shut up!”

Leng Rou was interrupted by a glare from Dao Lord Lan Yue the moment she spoke.

“How self-righteous,”

A mocking look flashed through Su Zimos eyes as he sneered, “Dao Lord Lan Yue, you dont carry a single trace of righteousness and heroic aura of the immortal sects.

On the other hand, youve mastered the art of hypocrisy and craftiness completely!”

Su Zimo retracted his smile and asked slowly, “What if I insist on leaving”

“Then dont blame me for being impolite and suppressing you here!”

Dao Lord Lan Yue said coldly, “Junior, since Ive already said that, I advise you to behave yourself and suffer less!”

The pressure of a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord descended slowly and enveloped the entire Mystic Courtyard!

All the Nascent Souls present felt as though they were carrying a massive mountain and could not move at all!


Su Zimo laughed into the skies.

Even against the might of a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord, he was still fearless as he shouted, “Lan Yue, listen up! Although I cant defeat you, youre not enough to stop me if I want to leave!”

His heroic attitude was torrential!

Against a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord that was two major cultivation realms above them, it was already rare for the Nascent Souls present to be neither servile nor overbearing.

None of the cultivators would even dare to dream of challenging the authority of a Dharma Characteristic like Su Zimo!

However, Su Zimo was not bragging.

Indeed, his combat strength was no match for Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords.

Back when he killed the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord of Hellfire Hall, it was because the latter was at the end of his lifespan and was about to die.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to kill the latter with Barren.

Right now, there were three Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords in the Mystic Courtyard with exuberant blood qi – they were clearly at their peak.

Su Zimos Barren would possess an almost negligible impact on the three Dharma Characteristics.

However, he had many trump cards.

With the combination of his two Essence Spirits and the Mingwang Prayer Beads, he could temporarily break free from the suppression of Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords.

Even Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords could not stop him if he released his Blood Escape technique!

“Junior, Ill teach you a lesson today for your provocation!”

Dao Lord Lan Yues gaze turned cold as her glabella shimmered – she was prepared to attack personally.

Su Zimos eyes lit up and his Blood Escape technique was about to explode!

“Hold on!”

Right then, a soft shout sounded from the distant skies, interrupting the tense atmosphere in the Mystic Courtyard.

Everyone turned to look.

Three cultivators approached from the horizon and one of them was a middle-aged man who was relatively young.

The other two cultivators were old men with white hair and beard.

Although they looked like they were close to their later years, they were hale and hearty and had rosy cheeks.

“Its master!”

Nangong Ling, Liu Hanyan and Ru Xuans eyes lit up as they exclaimed.

Among the three cultivators, the middle-aged man was their master, Dao Lord Scarlet Star!

They did not recognize the two old men beside Dao Lord Scarlet Star.

Apart from Dao Lord Scarlet Star, the two elders were also at the Dharma Characteristic realm!

“The Dharma Characteristics of Hundred Refinement Sect has arrived first.

Seems like they are here to take Su Zimo away.”

“Fufu, it wont be that easy.

Dont forget, were in the Thousand Crane Sect.

If Dao Lord Lan Yue doesnt agree to it, do you think the three Dharma Characteristics will be able to take him away just like that”

“Lets just look on.

This is going to be interesting.”

The cultivators discussed excitedly.

In the blink of an eye, Dao Lord Scarlet Star and the two old men descended in the Mystic Courtyard.

A look of shock flashed through their eyes as they looked at the dilapidated courtyard and the corpses that had yet to be cleaned up!

When Dao Lord Scarlet Star caught sight of Ye Tianchengs corpse, his pupils constricted!

However, he calmed down very quickly, as though he was already prepared for the scene before him.

What happened next was like a stone that caused a thousand ripples.

The crowd that was initially quiet exploded!

Under countless gazes, Dao Lord Scarlet Star turned around and came before Su Zimo.

He bowed slightly and greeted with the mannerisms of a junior, saying softly, “Uncle-Master, Im late.”

The crowd fell into an uproar.

All the cultivators present had more or less heard of Dao Lord Scarlet Star.

Even if they had not heard of it, Dao Lord Scarlet Star was a Dharma Characteristic expert after all.

But now, he was bowing respectfully to a Nascent Soul – what was going on

The cultivators present were shocked!

Even Nangong Ling and the other two were stunned.

The three of them knew that deep in his heart, Dao Lord Scarlet Star did not want to acknowledge Su Zimo as his Uncle-Master.

Initially, he could only grit his teeth and agree to it, forcing himself to call Su ZimoLittle Uncle-Master.

Furthermore, in order to save face for Dao Lord Scarlet Star, Su Zimo had once said that Dao Lord Scarlet Star could address him directly by name if there were any outsiders around.

To think that Dao Lord Scarlet Star would do such a thing in front of so many factions and the eyes of countless cultivators!

Nangong Ling and the other two did not see any hint of reluctance on Dao Lord Scarlet Stars face.

To be precise, when Dao Lord Scarlet Star learned of Su Zimos true identity from Dao Lord Extreme Fire, he was more than willing to address the latter as his Uncle-Master!

He was respectful towards Su Zimo not because of seniority.

It was because the young man before him was worthy of his respect!

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