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Chapter 988: Unfair Battle

Su Zimo was secretly shocked.

Even with Yan Beichens strength and temperament, he merely managed to pass two tribulations – it was clear how terrifying those three tribulations were!

Su Zimo frowned.

“Will you really die if you fail to pass the tribulations”


Yan Beichen had a grim expression.

“Its fine if you can withdraw in time.

However, if you try to forcefully transcend the tribulation, your Dao heart might break and you might lose your mind.

At worst, your body and Essence Spirit might be destroyed and you might die!”

“This Three Tribulations Domain can be considered as the only dangerous place in the Dao Inheritance Ground.”

At that point, Su Zimo was confused and could not help but ask, “If thats the case, this place isnt some lions den or the likes.

Why were those people speaking as though I would be in danger once I entered”

“Isnt it dangerous for you to fight against a peerless monster incarnate like Di Yin who is a major cultivation realm above you” Yan Beichen asked instead.

“Di Yin is of no threat to me if its a fair fight!”

Su Zimos gaze was cold and murderous.

He had many trump cards.

Apart from top-tier cultivation techniques of the immortal and Buddhist sects, he also had a supreme secret manual of the Dao of Fire like the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra.

Of course, Su Zimos greatest trump card was his dragonification after fusing his two Essence Spirits!

At that time, his combat strength would soar and he would even have an 80% chance of killing the Void Reversion Di Yin!

“Thats the problem.”

Yan Beichen shook his head.

“This battle is completely unfair.”

“The Dao Inheritance Ground is a space created by many ancient Mighty Figures and can be considered as a sacred ground for humans.

If demons enter, although they wont be killed, their bloodlines and Essence Spirits will be suppressed!”

“In other words, none of the demon races methods can be used!”

At that point, Su Zimo finally understood.

The reason why Di Yin set the venue for the challenge at the Dao Inheritance Ground was to restrict his demonic methods!

Di Yin would not be affected at all in the Dao Inheritance Ground while his combat strength would be halved!

Yan Beichen asked, “How confident are you in killing Di Yin without your demonic methods”

Su Zimo was silent.

To be fair, he had no confidence in this battle without his demonic methods.

Or rather, the possibility of him losing was extremely high!

Even the physical body that he relied on the most might not be able to suppress Di Yin if he could not use his bloodline.

As for Dharmic powers and Essence Spirit, he was at a disadvantage!

After all, there was a difference of a major cultivation realm between the two of them.

Furthermore, Di Yin was an extreme existence even among the titular disciples!

Although Di Yin accepted the challenge, Su Zimo was completely disadvantaged due to the choice of the location.

“I dont recommend you accept the challenge.”

Yan Beichen said, “As long as there is a Conjoint Body to open it up, the Dao Inheritance Ground can be entered at any moment.

The legacies are always there and theres no need for you to rush.”

“However, youll definitely be up against Di Yin if you enter this time round.

Your chances of winning this battle arent high!”

Su Zimo knew that Yan Beichen was already being polite by saying that he did not have a high chance of winning.

To others, he had no chance of winning this battle at all!

Su Zimo said in a deep voice, “If I can reach the Void Reversion realm, even at early-stage and without any demonic means, I can still fight him!”

Once he entered the Void Reversion realm, the black-haired Essence Spirits power would increase exponentially.

His Dharmic powers would increase as well!

Furthermore, he could use even more trump cards and would definitely not be disadvantaged against Di Yin!

“But youre not at the Void Reversion realm after all.”

Yan Beichen said, “Youve just broken through to perfected Nascent Soul for more than a month.

If you want to advance further and break through to the Void Reversion realm, youll need at least dozens of years!”

“And thats only if youre successful.

If you encounter a bottleneck, there have been countless paragons that were stuck at the Nascent Soul for hundreds of years.”

Su Zimo knew that Yan Beichen was not lying.

After all, the advancement to the Void Reversion realm from the Nascent Soul realm was a major realm breakthrough and was even more difficult.

Most of the time, if there were no opportunities or encounters and one were to merely rely on hard work through seclusion cultivation, they might not advance at all even after hundreds of years!

Yan Beichen continued, “Di Yin is very smart and didnt give you too much time by setting the life and death battle at the Dao Inheritance Ground a month later.

Theres no way you can break through to the Void Reversion realm in a month.”

A month was a fleeting duration and it was completely impossible if he wanted to break through to the Void Reversion realm in that period of time.

“What if…”

Su Zimos heart skipped a beat and he opened his mouth.

However, Yan Beichen read Su Zimos mind instantly and shook his head.

“Its even more impossible if you want to break through to the Void Reversion realm within the Dao Inheritance Ground.”

“The Dao Inheritance Ground is a separate dimension and is isolated from the outside world so theres no way you can comprehend the Heaven and Earth.

Its a ruin inside and the spirit qi is thin.

Theres not enough energy for you to absorb.”

“Since the ancient era till now, there has not been a single cultivator who made a breakthrough in the Dao Inheritance Ground.

Everyone who entered would leave immediately after receiving the legacies and would not linger inside.”

Su Zimo went silent.

“If you dont go for this battle, no one will laugh at you,”

Yan Beichen said, “All the cultivators can tell that Di Yin is wary of your demonic methods.

Even with a major cultivation realm difference, he doesnt dare to fight you.”

“However, if you accept the challenge, youll fall right into his trap.”

Suddenly, Su Zimo asked, “Brother Yan, if it was you, would you accept the challenge”

After a moment of silence, Yan Beichen suddenly smiled and nodded.


Su Zimo smiled as well.

In a way, they were similar.

Yan Beichen had come to help Su Zimo this time round and was faced with the top Dharma Characteristic cultivators such as Dao Lord Immortal Sword and Dao Lord Cloud Rain – this was a perilous trip as well!

However, he still came.

Su Zimo did not declare war on Di Yin for himself.

Di Yins existence could not threaten him.

What Di Yin threatened were his friends!

Su Zimo could not tolerate the fact that Di Yin had nearly killed Little Fatty and Ji Chengtian!

The reason why he declared war on Di Yin was because he wanted to eliminate these dangers completely!

If he missed this opportunity, Su Zimo did not know how long he would have to wait for the next one.

Therefore, he had to accept the challenge and do everything he could to kill Di Yin in the Dao Inheritance Ground!

Furthermore, this battle was initiated by Su Zimo.

If he chose to avoid the battle now, it would have a huge impact on his Dao heart and it would definitely become his greatest mental demon in the future!

His Dao was fearless!

Yan Beichen sighed gently.

“What a pity.

If I had entered the Dharma Characteristic realm a step later, I might have been able to enter the Dao Inheritance Ground this time round and might have been able to help you.”

Only Nascent Souls and Void Reversions were allowed into the Dao Inheritance Ground.

Dharma Characteristics and Conjoint Bodies were not allowed in!

“Brother Yan, youve already helped me enough.”

Su Zimo smiled.


Right then, a loud bang sounded from afar and the ground shook!

A terrifying aura burst forth and surged into the skies, forming a gigantic pillar of fire that burned all the clouds in the skies red!

Fire and auspicious clouds filled the skies!

A tremendous pressure spread and silence reigned!

“Dao Lord Extreme Fire has broken through!”

Yan Beichen looked into the distance and murmured softly.

“This is a good thing for you.

Extreme Fire is your master.

Go and visit him,” Yan Beichen added.

“Alright, Ill be right back.”

Su Zimo wanted to see Dao Lord Extreme Fire and congratulate his master.

After bidding farewell to Yan Beichen, he sped off.

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