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Time always passed particularly quickly when one was focused on something.

She and Rong Xiu sparred and played chess.

After four hours, they were only halfway done.

On the shimmering chessboard, the golden chess pieces and the red chess pieces fought each other.

Each occupied half of the space, and the battle was intense.

However, Chu Liuyue did calm down during this process.

Moreover, her long-awaited battle with Rong Xiu had given her a lot of insight.

When the sky was slightly bright, this chess game had finally reached the last moment!


Chu Liuyue put down a piece with her eyes sparkling brightly.

Not only did she not look dispirited after a sleepless night, but she also seemed to be in high spirits.

Her eyes were fixed on the chessboard, but her mind was spinning crazily.

In this short period of time, she had already gone through countless possibilities!

Rong Xiu looked up at her.

Seeing her shining eyes, he couldnt help but chuckle. It has been so long, but nothing has changed.


Rong Xiu waved his wrist gently, and a golden chess piece condensed from force suddenly flew out of his slender and fair fingers and landed on the chessboard!

In an instant, the situation on the chessboard changed drastically!

It was as if two dragons of similar strength were fighting fiercely.

They were originally evenly matched, but at this moment, a sword suddenly tore through the air and cut off the dragon head on her side.

One move—the outcome was decided!

Chu Liuyue suddenly froze and widened her eyes. Rong Xius move was actually not within all my previous rehearsals! Without batting an eyelid, he killed me!

She stared intently at the chessboard.

At this moment, she realized that Rong Xiu had already set up a trap and was just waiting to lure her into it step by step.

She had mistakenly thought that their combat strength was equal, but in fact, she was already under his control.


The chessboard shattered with a bang and turned into countless light spots that quickly dissipated! However, Chu Liuyue was still stunned on the spot as if she had yet to recover.

Rong Xiu was about to step forward when she suddenly said, “Rong Xiu, guard me first.

Im thinking of something.”

Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows slightly. Since my wife has given the order, I naturally have to agree.

“Okay.” He didnt step forward again and just stood there with his hands behind his back, waiting patiently.

Chu Liuyue sat cross-legged with her hands on her knees, closed her eyes, and held her breath.

A complicated Xuan formation quietly appeared in her mind.

Then, a second and a third…

More and more Xuan formations appeared.

At a certain moment, she finally tried to connect these Xuan formations.

These were the Xuan formations she had learned from Big Baby in the past.

Strictly speaking, they were more or less similar to the Heaven-Locking Formation.

Previously, she had always wanted to gradually figure out the Heaven-Locking Formations mysteries by establishing the connection between these Xuan formations, but she had never succeeded.

But after this game of chess with Rong Xiu tonight, she instantly understood something.

Vaguely, she seemed to have touched an invisible barrier.

Chu Liuyues brows moved slightly. That is… the threshold of a Great King Xuan Master!

Even someone as arrogant as her was stunned.

She didnt expect that she could actually touch the opportunity to break through to become Great King Xuan Master in such a short period of time!

She had successfully broken through to become a King Xuan Master some time ago.

However, there was a huge difference between a King Xuan Master and a Great King Xuan Master.

Even Elder Hua Feng had been a King Xuan Master for decades before he could finally break through that threshold and officially become a Great King Xuan Master!

And she had only reached this realm for a few months… It was too exaggerated!

Perhaps it was because she had already memorized countless high-level Xuan formations in the early years, or perhaps it was because she had forcefully repaired the Heaven-Locking Formation.

Maybe it was because of her competition with Rong Xiu that she suddenly understood… In short, the surprise came too quickly!

Since an opportunity had descended from the sky, she naturally had to grasp it tightly!

At this point, a bright white light flashed across the sky!

Rong Xiu looked up slightly, and there seemed to be waves in his eyes that disappeared in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, in another place in the God-Killing Tumulus, a few people were slowly moving forward.

“Elder Wu Peng, lets rest for a while” Nan Yiyi looked at her brother beside her.

Seeing his pale face, her heart ached.

Elder Wu Peng frowned slightly, but before he could speak, Nan Yuxing shook his head.

“Were almost there.

Lets go over directly.”

Nan Yiyi had cried all the way, so at this moment, her eyes were as red as walnuts and bloodshot.

“B-But Big Brother, your body—”

In the Red Soul Woods, Nan Yuxing had been surrounded by those red leaves, and they had spent a lot of effort to finally escape.

The two elders and Nan Yiyi were both injured, let alone Nan Yuxing.

He had almost lost his life.

His entire body was covered in injuries, and there wasnt a single good place.

Those red leaves were even poisonous.

If the two elders hadnt brought him out in time and used extremely precious medicinal pills, Nan Yuxing would probably still be unconscious.

Along the way, it was Elder Bai Tong and Elder Wu Peng who supported Nan Yuxing forward.

Elder Bai Tong hesitated for a moment and advised, “Young Master, that thing is in the God-Killing Tumulus anyway.

Weve already entered, so theres no hurry.

Right now, your health is more important!”

Nan Yuxing gritted his teeth.

He knew that they were all doing this for his own good, but the more this was the case, the easier it was for him to remember how sorry he looked at this moment!

He had always been proud and had never been in such a sorry state!

“No, theres no need—” He struggled forward, but his legs suddenly gave way, and he fell to the ground!

“Young Master!”

“Big brother!”

Elder Bai Tong and Nan Yiyis faces were filled with worry as they hurriedly supported him.

Elder Wu Peng clenched his fists in his sleeves and finally spoke.

“Eldest Young Master, you should stop and rest for a while.

Theres still poison in your body that hasnt been expelled.

Its probably not good to advance rashly now.”

When Elder Bai Tong heard this, he hurriedly echoed the same thing.

Helpless, Nan Yuxing could only nod.

Just as they were about to stop and rest, Elder Bai Tong suddenly saw a familiar tall figure in the distance.

At this moment, the sky was about to brighten.

He stood in the morning light, looking like an immortal.

“Its… Its him!”

Not far from him, a woman in a red dress was sitting cross-legged as if she were cultivating.

It was the two people from before!

Elder Bai Tongs voice attracted the attention of the other three.

Nan Yuxing looked up.

When he saw the two figures clearly, endless anger and resentment suddenly surged in his heart! If not for them, how would I have fallen into this state

“Kill them… Kill them!”

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